You’re Not A Mommy Blogger – You’re A Mommy With An Online Diary


My male friends strongly urged me not to share this article.  They suggested it was the equivalent of poking an angry mother bear.

My female friends, on the other hand, were surprisingly in support of it.

So with that said, I’d encourage you to read this and REALLY understand the message before yelling at me.

Mommy Bloggers

A couple of months ago, a female friend approached me.  She’s a stay at home mom with a couple of kids.  She’s an absolutely spectacular human being.  Not to minimize her husband’s hard work, but let’s be honest – she’s the one raising the family.  She’s got my utmost respect.

She asked me if I’d be interested in sponsoring her daily post.  She explained to me that she’s a mommy blogger on the verge of making it big.  She asked me to dissect what she was doing and offer feedback.

I reminded her of my style.  I told her that I’m honest to a fault and I’m completely uncensored.  I told her she might want to reconsider having me critique it.

No, she insisted.  She was ready for it.

So I gave it to her.

You’re not a mommy blogger.  You’re a mommy with an online diary.

And I won’t spend a dime there.

Pause.  Deep breath.  Here’s where the valuable lesson comes in.

How Do You Monetize Your Brand?

I say this woman is a mommy with an online diary not to be condescending, but to help differentiate between the two.

This woman is a spectacular writer.  I mean…INCREDIBLY talented.  But she’s writing about what her kid did with his poop and how many loads of laundry she did.

There’s value in this, but to the individual.  You can’t assign a monetary value to documenting your story – it’s priceless.  But it’s priceless to YOU…and surely your kids, one day…but not to the rest of society.

So how do we tweak this?  How do we take that potential and turn you from a mommy with a diary to a mommy blogger?

It’s simple.  It’s all about your audience.

Mothers are perhaps the most talented species ever.  They deal with little rascals and pain in the ass husbands like myself.  They keep a family together and do it with a smile on their face and often syrup on their shirts.

And they have lessons.  So many lessons.  So how do you monetize that?

Step one?  Find out what your audience wants.

When we were parents in training, we were terrified.  We hadn’t yet experienced the sleepless nights, the teething, the diaper rashes, the cranky pants switch to crazy  happy kid that comes with the first year.  So we were looking for information.  Stories.  Experiences.

This is what sets the mommy blogger apart.  Sharing that knowledge and those lessons is a great way of creating your brand.  Doing it regularly and consistently is key.


You’ll want to have a website that’s responsive.  It’s particularly important because moms aren’t surfing the internet on their laptop while the child sleeps peacefully – they’re reading articles on their iPhone while desperately trying to keep their eyes open during night time feedings.

Social media will become your friend.  Every mom is sharing articles, pictures, tips and tricks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Dive in.  Connect with groups – or start your own – specifically tailored to moms.

Share the pieces with your friends and encourage them to do the same.  Ask other moms to weigh in and contribute content, stories and pictures.  Dive heavy into engagement.

Bringing Home The Bacon

You’re not going to start raking in the dough until you’ve built up a strong audience.  Track your demographics through Google analytics and social media insights.

Once you’ve got some solid numbers, hit up some of the local businesses that you frequent – or online companies – by sending them some content.  Hit them up on social media and engage with them.  If you just go in cold and try and close a deal, you’ll be shut down.  If you can start demonstrating value to them, you’ll establish relationships that you can start leveraging as you grow your social equity.

Final Thoughts

The difference between a mommy blogger and a mommy with an online diary is clear – it’s about the content and who you are talking to.  Provide value, provide value, provide value.  Make sure your pictures are clear and crisp and that videos are strong quality and tug on heartstrings.  And for the love of God, don’t ask people for money until you can show them how you’re already crushing it…and what your plan is to continue to grow.

Write on!

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