You can now customize Facebook’s notifications

The new personalization options are being rolled out starting today for Facebook’s Android and iOS apps in the United States.

Facebook is rolling out a new way to curate notifications on its mobile apps that it hopes you’ll find more useful. In this update, the notifications tab will display more than just people commenting on your posts or telling you about today’s birthday. Now it’ll show you milestones your friends have noted, sports scores and TV reminders for Pages you’ve liked, and news about upcoming events you’ve joined.

What’s more, Facebook enables you to customize the notifications with whatever information you want based on your location, such as local news, weather, movie times, and nearby restaurants you might like.

With these “cards,” the company wants to give you more control over what notifications are important to you than what you’re able to get currently — you can already get birthday notifications, but now you can opt to receive when a friend posts a milestone like having a child, getting a new job, or moving to a new city/state right in a notification instead of having to cycle through your News Feed.