Write For Us

Want to be a featured blogger? Join the Blogger Program.


It’s pretty simple. The more you produce quality content, the higher you move up our ladder.


What is this point thing?

To explain, let’s look at the example of Nicholas Thompson, a writer in the program. Nicholas produces an article – Article A.  At the end of the month, Article A generates 2000 page views.

blogNicholas’s end of month breakdown for Article A is as follows:


Producing at this rate per month, it’ll take Nicholas 50 articles to attain a Blogger status.

The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible within the given timeframe, i.e. a month.

As you accumulate points based on our formula, you can level up and get closer to our Featured Blogger position. Don’t worry, the process is transparent and every month our updated “Blogger Rankings” will be shared.

Keys to becoming a Featured Blogger

  • Be consistent
  • Produce quality content
  • Cultivate an audience

We will offer you a platform to springboard you into a professional writing gig either with us or another media company.

Let’s be honest, it’ll look nice on a resume.

What we want

  1. You are capable of rational thought and you can put these thoughts in coherent text.
  2. You have a great interest in either breaking headlines, corporate news, economy, technology, banking, marketing, startup, management, consumer reports, personal finance, investing, career, events, politics, entertainment.
  3. You have strong opinions on issues and feel they should be heard.
  4. A witty/conversational tone and distinct voice
  5. Your writing is very important to you – from the narratives you create to the facts you use to create them.
  6. The ability to fact-check and follow existing formatting guidelines and style

What we’d love you to have

  1. You are active on social media and you keep up with the trends.
  2. You enjoy healthy discussion on issues on the internet.
  3. You’re familiar with HTML and image editing

What we don’t want

  1. Boring AP-style journalism
  2. Long-winded writing and/or rambling that leads to nowhere.


Send an email to info@247businessnews.org tell us a bit about yourself and attach a writing sample.