Is What you are doing Worth your Dying TIME?

I believe when things are bad you can change them….. #iBelieve


Sometimes being an ENTREPRENEUR means using you Mindsight to judge or interpret your Failures.

Eye-sight: judging according to appearances
Mindsight: is how you interpret what you see

Because, when you work on something and you put all you have into it (TIME & MONEY), but it doesn’t work out, you lose your money and other people’s money. You know what, it’s good because of the kind of person you become in the process is more important than the dream; seeing the situation with your mindsight.

The harder the Battle the Sweeter the VICTORY…..


The reason is because of the kind of faith that you manifest, the character that you develop, the kind of spirit or the courage that you develop it makes you work with a different kind of spirit. But if you want to make it happen its You.

Where Are You Going With Your LIFE…..?

You must have FAITH and BELIEVE in yourself, ability, service, company, ideas and THEY must be unquestionable. And your faith must give you patience because it gonna happen as quickly as you want it…. and since it’s your dream get off your butt and make it happen. You don’t want to be Susan Boyle who waited 35 years for a 5 mins presentation that she has been longing to do since she was 12 years old because the opportunities were not there. But you can look for the opportunities and not wait for it because it might be late. And you may not be as lucky as Susan. Don’t talk about what you want to do, just do it and let other people talk about it. Take a chance in yourself today.

BET on your strengths cos that the straightest line to success……

And next time whatever comes to do not dock it or run away from it… BUT step towards it. You have to make personal responsibility to make it HAPPEN.