Working Your Buzz Off?  It’s a Bee-Sy World For Women Entrepreneurs!

Women Entrepreneurs

The Forbes list of successful entrepreneurs is dominated by men.  But, there are many women entrepreneurs who have taken the bull by its horns and refused to accept “mediocrity.”

A woman entrepreneur may be challenged to “balance” work and family.  Many women accept that life may never be “balanced” as long as the “fire in the belly” burns.

A woman entrepreneur’s day may go something like this….”Got one too many turndowns from would-be investors? Having trouble making payroll for your employees? Is the rent due and you think it’s time to move the enterprise to the kitchen table?  Got to run to my daughter’s dance recital tonight. What’s for dinner?…”  The list goes on.

Not An Average Worker Bee

You’ve chosen to set up your own business, away from the cubicle crowd and venture into the market place on your own. You don’t have the standard worker bee mentality. You go forth each day buzzing with ideas, your boxing gloves on, ready to take on any and every business challenge.


One thing you have in common with the bee is your persistence and solid work ethic. Businesses don’t start themselves.  And they always take twice as long as planned to get them from the idea stage to a working enterprise.

Just showing up, also known as a good work ethic, and persistence, are the critical components of the one that succeeds.

Be like the bee.  Don’t ask too many questions about how it’s done, just do it! The bee isn’t the perfect aerodynamic shape for successful flight, but she does it, all day long, day after day.

Have passion in what you do

A strong sense of purpose generates passion, which propels many successful women entrepreneurs. Debbie Fields built a successful business making cookies; Oprah Winfrey, the world’s richest black woman, is a talk show host, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur.  Coco Chanel launched her first perfume in 1920 and later introduced the “Chanel suit” and the famous “little black dresses” that are still popular today.

Overcome fear.

By persisting and showing up regularly, you learn not to freeze in fear, but instead keep moving forward.  Successful business women are not afraid to step out of the comfort zone and go an extra mile.  They leave security of their job, sacrifice the comfort of their routines and pay the price for their success.

When you know retreating under the covers isn’t an option, at least not all the time, you gain confidence by experiencing both success and failure and understanding how they are part of the normal business cycle.

Don’t Let Rejection Stop You

What has been your experience?  Think about the last time someone rejected your new product design, for example. What did you say to the person who rejected your idea?  Did you ask why she didn’t like it and how you could make it better?  You didn’t scream or call the person stupid, did you?

You get over it, go back to work, look for better ways, try different methods.  Get back out there.  Life goes on.  Stay focused on your goal.

Have Confidence and Trust 

Confidence and self-assurance are essential armor for facing the world as an entrepreneur.  With confidence, you inspire trust from customers, suppliers and other people in your industry. With it, you trust yourself to take risks and have a “growth mindset”, a term coined by Stanford Psychologist, Carol Dweck. Mindset. This gives you the ability to charge into situations even though failure is a possibility.

A positive mindset can be hard to come by some days. Give yourself a boost every morning.  Find a mantra to repeat to yourself to keep your spirits up and your confidence in high gear.

Never let down. And, of course, Never Give Up!

                                     BEE-LIEVE IN YOUR SWEET FINE SELF!

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