How will you STAND OUT in business in 2016?

You’re in business and you want to grow it, right? Or, you’re an employee and you want a better job as you want to climb the corporate ladder.

How are you standing out in your market so you get ‘seen’ or, more importantly, are recognised as the expert or authority in your niche?

Sadly, in business there’s so much ‘sameness’ or, dare I say it, blandness!

At networking events, often one accountant looks and sounds like the next. Same for lawyers, same for coaches!  For electricians, IT professionals, events managers…. just about anyone…

That goes for LinkedIn and other social marketing platforms too.

So many people are commoditised in the way in which they present themselves in business.

How can we fix that and stand out?

We must take control of how we present ourselves – our personal brand – in all the places we are seen.

Check out what appears when you’re Googled. Happy with what you see?

I know many of us think that personal branding is only for celebrities, sports people and ‘big-wigs’, and once upon a time, you’d have been right.

That’s not how business works now!

To achieve extraordinary success in business we must stand out.

That doesn’t mean we have to aim for global domination. No.  Personal branding is about YOU – and connecting you to the niche market you want to attract.  It’s about connecting you to that market in a way that’s memorable and desirable, so that if they ever need your product or service, they’ll hopefully buy from you.

If you’re being interviewed for a job, or tendering for a piece of work/project, how will you stand out to get noticed – to win the job or project?

If you’re a florist in your town, how are you standing out from other florists in your town?

If you’re an internet marketer, how do you distinguish yourself from others who are teaching people to achieve success online?

If you’re an economist in a bank, and you want a promotion or new job, how do you differentiate yourself from other candidates?

Create your own personal branding strategy

I’ve developed a tool to assist with this – it’s the Personal Brand Star System™. It will help you to think about you and your personal brand in the market you want to attract.

The Personal Brand Star System™ will help you create your personal branding strategy and, once implemented, you’ll have greater success in standing out in your market.

The Personal Brand System™ refers to my 7+1 Ps of personal branding.

  1. Passion
  2. Positioning
  3. Personalisation
  4. Platforms
  5. Products
  6. Partnerships
  7. Profitability

    … +1… Performance.

If you’d like to develop your own personal branding strategy to help you achieve the business success you’re seeking in 2016, then please click here for the free e-book I’ve written.

Extraordinary success – what does that mean for you?

Personally, I think we all want to be successful… it’s just the quantum of success that differs. What does success or extraordinary success in business mean for you?

  • How big will your business be?
  • How much will you pay yourself?
  • How high will you get on the corporate ladder?

Stand out as the expert or authority in your market and you can achieve anything and everything you desire in business and life.

Now, that sounds great to me.

I’m leading by example as I’m in the process of evolving my personal brand… keep watching to see what that means… 2016 is going to be a fantastically extraordinary year in my life… partly due to the rebranding work I’m doing.

I truly hope you’ll embrace the idea of being your own personal brand and being recognised as the ‘go to’ person – the expert, the authority – in your business niche.

Here’s the link to my e-book on the Personal Brand Star System™ to help you develop your own personal branding strategy.

Let’s make 2016 rock!

QUESTION: What’s your biggest excitement or fear over the idea of developing your personal brand?  Please leave a comment below as I’d love to know.