What’s the ONE thing that will make the difference?

What's the ONE thing that will make the difference

There are only two months left in 2016.  So Carpe Diem – seize the day – or actually…. Seize the next two months with gusto!

Are you having a successful year in business?

As the year draws to an end, are you excited because you’re on track with your business plan?  HUGE congratulations if you are, and keep up the great work.  Finish 2016 on a real high!

Or perhaps you’re worried because you aren’t on track in business?

If you’re in the latter camp – feeling worried or frustrated that you’re behind where you want and need to be in business right now, please don’t give up.  There are still eight weeks to go, and with your full attention, focus and energy, you can get a lot done and achieved.

You can still end the year on a high, and with a ‘yahoo, I did it’ feeling!

Back to the business plan

When working with clients, we focus on the following six key areas in the business plan:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Branding
  • Finance
  • Operations/Systems
  • Team

When things aren’t going to plan, we review each goal and action item in the above areas, and we ask the BIG question….

What’s the ONE thing that will make the biggest difference NOW?

For instance, if your revenue is under budget, what’s the one thing that you must do now to drive more revenue to your business over the next two months?

Is it having a November or early Christmas sale or special promotion?  Is it following up with potential clients in your marketing pipeline?

If revenue is good but profit is lower than budgeted, what is the one thing that you must do now to address that?

Perhaps it’s you or your accountant reviewing your line items and undertaking a ‘common sizing’ exercise with your financials.  Perhaps it’s looking at more efficient ways to manage and run your business to reduce overhead.  For instance, systemising, automating and perhaps outsourcing some elements of your business.

If cash flow is a major issue for your business (and it is for many businesses), what’s the one thing you must do now to address that?  Perhaps it’s reviewing your accounts receivable register and creating a new system for ensuring timely payment.  Perhaps it’s changing your terms of business.  Perhaps it’s factoring your receivables.

What’s the one thing that will make the biggest difference in your business right now?  Work it out and do that!

Get your business back on track and fast!!  Don’t let your business control you.

Don’t put your head in the sand and hope that things will get better in 2017.

They won’t unless you’re in charge of your business.

Review and evolve your business plan to ensure you achieve many of the key performance indicators you’ve set for yourself and your business in 2016 – it’s possible even at this late stage.

Move projects around to other quarters in the new year if they aren’t ‘business critical’ now.

Re-double your efforts on the critical elements of your business – focus on the one or two key things that MUST happen, and you should see a marked improvement by year end.

Do all that and you will reap the rewards in business and it will be a happier end of year for you.

Question:  What is the one thing you MUST focus on in your business right now?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave a comment.


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