What To Do When Your WordPress Site Gets De-Indexed From Google

What To Do When Your Wordpress Site Gets De-Indexed From Google

In the world of web, you are completely dependent on the search engines for your site’s search rankings and you cannot do anything about how the search engines rank you. But, when you get de-indexed by a search engine, it is considered to be the worst case. When you have a WordPress site, you are provided with an option to hide your site from the search engines to prevent it from getting indexed. But, sometimes it happens that you have not selected the option to hide your site and then too, your site gets de-indexed from Google or it doesn’t get indexed by Google. There are several reasons for this. Also, here we will discuss how to fix these issues of being de-indexed after looking at the possible reasons behind it. But, if you are looking for an instant solution, then you are wrong because no remedy can undo the issues until a week to a month. One more thing you need to understand is that there is a difference between being completely de-indexed and having the posts/pages being disappearing from Google.

Most Common Issues That Can Lead To Google De-Indexing

Got De-Indexed By Yourself Mistakenly

As said earlier, WordPress has an option to hide your site from the search engines to prevent from getting indexed. You need to check this in your settings that if it is activated, then your site may not be visible to the search engines. Sometimes, it happens that we accidentally select this option and we don’t even know about it until we come to know that our site is not being de-indexed. For this, you have to go the admin area, click on “Settings” and then “Reading”, scroll down to the bottom of the page and adjust the visibility from invisible to visible. This will fix your issue as mentioned here.

Running The Website With An Expired Domain Name

Sometimes, it happens that you forget your domain expiry and forget to do the payment to the domain provider. So, in this case, the domain provider will make sure that your website is completely invisible from the search engines and so this will cause the de-indexing of your website by the search engines. In this case, you can fix your issue by planning your domain expiry in advance. Also, you can log in with your domain provider and select the option Auto generate or something similar which will withdraw the money for the renewal and you are free from the worry of remembering the domain expiry and the payment for the same.

Running Multiple Websites From a Single Hosting Account

Speaking about this approach, there is nothing wrong technically but, it is not guaranteed that all of your websites will be equally successful. When you are running multiple websites from a single hosting account, Google chooses a single website and will categorize all the others under the same category which can be worst. Therefore, the content of your first hosted website can be responsible for the all other websites hosted thereafter from the same account. In this case, make sure that you allow access to the content of one particular website which is accurate and not randomly any.

Unavoidable Risk Of Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is not going to help you in any ways to get a good ranking in the search engines. It is a common tactic of SEOs that they repeat the content to get a good search ranking but technically speaking from Google’s viewpoint, it is the worst habit which can even penalize you by Google. It may also happen that Google will drop you at the bottom ranking. So, make sure that your content is not duplicate at all. You can take this thing in a brighter way that what if your content had been stolen by someone else and how would you have got protection from the same? Therefore, it is advisable that you keep the content of your website as original and unique as possible to avoid being penalized or being de-indexed.

Server Crash Hazard

Though the servers today are highly secure and reliable, but sometimes, it may happen that the server can crash and it cannot restore the data before Google’s next search. This will affect your site’s indexing and it may happen that your site cannot get indexed or may get de-indexed by Google. Now, if this thing has happened, then what you can do is that you can ask for compensation as it is not your fault. After this, you should be re-indexed soon and likely to gain your ranking that you used to have.

Choosing Irrelevant Keywords

When you find that your website has got de-indexed by Google, one of the reasons may be your content. You should check your keywords in relevance to your content. If you have chosen the keywords that have nothing to do with your content, then definitely your content may be overlooked by Google and so, it may not consider your website for indexing. So, if your website has been de-indexed, you should also look for this issue.

Linking Your Website With Bad Or Irrelevant Websites

It is always been done by us that we usually link our website with other relevant or good quality websites to get traffic to our own website. Now, Google has a way of looking at your website when you are associated with other websites. If you are associated with a website whose ranking is 0-10, Google is going to consider your content as a low-quality content and so it won’t index you or de-index you. Therefore, it is very important that you associate your website to a good one to get a good ranking by Google.

Display Of Broken Links

We all have this habit of forgetting the links of our older posts, though it is a bad habit. But, it should not be like that because you never know which link of your older post may not be working due to which Google may have de-indexed your website. So, it is a good practice that you should check all of your links once in a while. Practically, it is not possible to check all the links one by one and so, you can take help of Google’s Webmaster tool or also you can use a free link checker. This will help you to see whether all of your links are working or not. You can fix your broken links at a time when you check them out. This will fix your issue and you can get your site again in an indexing condition and can gain your old ranking again.

Slow And Unresolved Pages

Speed is a significant factor when it comes to Google. If you have a slow website or even unresolved, Google will eventually or immediately degrade your position in its ranking list. So, it is very important that you should make sure that your website is not slow or unresolved. If it is, then you should immediately fix those issues that are responsible for making your website slow.

Ultimate Control Is Of Google

Even after fixing all the above-mentioned issues, it is always advisable that you should religiously follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines which will help you in not falling into any of the issues regarding your website.


It is completely in your hands how good you can make your website. But, once it goes live, everything falls into the hands of Google. So, it is advisable that you should be careful about each and every minute detail about your website and ensure that it is working accurately in your ranking favor.