What Do Employees Want for Holiday Gifts

What Do Employees Want for Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and while pretty much every business owner or manager is thinking about how to entice as many customers during the season, the smart ones know that the holiday season is all about making their employees happy. As long as your main people are content, you can rest assured they will be doing their job and helping you win new customers anyway.

A smart business owner will also know that rewarding their employees for holidays is more than just a lame card that goes out in as many copies as there are employees. Here are a few ideas for employee holiday gifts that they will actually like.


Gift Cards

We will kick off with a very classic idea – the gift card. The reason why this is such a classic is that gift cards are simple, they provide value and they work for the vast majority of employees. A gift card is also a great neutral holiday gift and it works perfectly when there are too many different people in the office. It is also not going to offend or disappoint anyone. In short, you really cannot go wrong with gift cards.


A Book

A book may seem like a weird gift and it can get a bit difficult matching everyone’s taste if you intend on buying everyone a different book. There is an alternative, however, and it can work amazingly in a smaller office – getting everyone the same book. It can be a fun new book written by someone from your industry, or it can be a fiction book which actually features some points and messages that would hold a certain value for the people in your office. After the holidays, people will start talking about it and you will be able to learn a lot from them from these conversations. Plus, everyone loves a book.


Relax Slippers

Imagine lowering the stress levels in your office by about 20%. Wouldn’t that be nice? We are not saying you are running a stressful office, but let’s be honest; most offices can get stressful at times. By getting everyone a pair of super comfortable relax slippers, you will not only be getting them a great holiday present, but also make them feel more relaxed year-round. You can even get relax slippers in the color of your brand, make everyone feel like a team.


A Paid Day Off

This may be beyond some managers’ powers, but if possible, an extra paid day off can be a very extra special holiday gift. It is more likely than not that your company can survive with people taking another day off during the holiday season and if this is the case, then it is something you should definitely consider. You know what they say – time is the greatest gift. It really is.


Desktop Terrariums

In case you don’t know what a desktop terrarium is, don’t worry. It just means you weren’t around in the 1970s. Well, these little tabletop gardens are making a huge comeback and they are looking cuter than ever. They are a perfect way to green up the office and give your employees a chance to feel like green thumbs even though they couldn’t be further from it.

Donut Maker

Donut maker is just an example of a very cool holiday gift idea – something sweet for the office. Things are getting almost too healthy these days and most offices will feel giddy to be reminded that the holiday season is a time of indulging oneself and having naughty fun which often involves a bit of sugar. Just imagine walking in the office, hearing a giggle from the kitchen, smelling something sweet and finding the earliest comers laughing and enjoying office-made donuts. It makes you smile, doesn’t it?


To-Do List Mug

Many people still prefer to organize their days the old-fashioned way – putting pen to paper. Well, how about something similar, but much, much cooler? How about, putting pen to coffee mug? Yes, there is a thing like this. They are called to-do list coffee mugs and you can write on them and everything. Every day, as they pour themselves a cup of coffee, they write down everything they have to work on that day and as they drink the coffee and do their tasks, they cross things out.


Closing Word

The aforementioned gifts will work for the majority of employees. Of course, if you decide to go with personalized gifts, you will have much more choice.

We will leave you with this – do not give your employees T-shirts with the company logo as holiday gifts.

They will not like that.

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