Video : Stand Out and Get Noticed in Business

Stand Out and Get Noticed in Business

Have you ever wondered why in business some people stand taller and stronger, and have more impact, influence and success than others?

I guarantee you’ve noticed those people.

They capture their market, time after time.

They get media exposure.

They appear to have a successful business.

They have a big community following them.

And they have people wanting to associate and do business with them too.

Whatever they touch seems to turn to gold.

Their profile and success makes you feel green with envy.

And intuitively, you know their technical or business skills aren’t any better than yours.

Do you know those types of people in business?

You might be asking, ‘Why them and not me?’

Well, it can be you!

It’s all about personal branding.  Those people have worked out how to take what they know and use it to build their personal profile so they get noticed.

Personal branding is one of the topics I coach business people on…. It’s such an important issue now, in the online (digital) and offline worlds we live in.

Would you like to learn more about personal branding?

I’ve created a free YouTube video series just for you, to help you learn more about what personal branding is all about.

Please click the image below to see the first video – it’s not very long.  There are 9 short videos in the series.

As my friend, Kevin Roberts, global executive chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi, says:

‘No business is irreplaceable, but we MUST become irresistible’.

I hope these free videos help you to think more about your personal brand and how you can develop and use it stand out and tall in your market niche.

I’d love to know your thoughts on personal branding.  How about leaving a comment under the video on YouTube?  I read every one of them.


Would some guidance from me be helpful to you? If so, please arrange a free 30 mins Skype strategy meeting with me. Here’s my calendar to make an appointment. I’d love to support you in some way to gain ‘seductive clarity’ in any aspect of your business or life.

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Adèle McLay is a high performance coach and business growth coach. She helps people to achieve the success they desire in their businesses, work and lives. Adèle is also an entrepreneur, inspiring professional speaker and teacher, as well as an author.