The most valuable skills of your team members

How to build a team you can count on? The answer to that questions secures the overall success of any business. People are the main asset of any company. The value of great employee can’t be underestimated. HR mistakes will cost you.

There are so many skills that are valuable. They are all important: University degree, previous experience, IT skills, personal skills, speech, appearance, logic, IQ e.t.c. This list might be going for miles. Everyone wants to have a perfect employee on his team.
Great professionals are of high value. If you don’t treat your employees right, your competitors might do so. No one wants to lose great professionals. It’s bad for business.
Now we are getting to the point. You might follow the idea of looking for a person that suits a huge list of skills you can make. And then lose that person. That won’t do the job.
This is a tricky situation. The solution comes in balance. Surely you need professionals on your team, but loyalty is the skill you want. Your best employees are the loyal ones. Those who do their best for you and the company. Even if they have a lack of some other skills, loyalty is the most important one. It pays off.

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I have a great example from my experience. Once I worked on sales recruiting campaign for one of the electronics brands. There were many candidates, some with a great experience. I want to highlight one of them. He never worked as sales before. His background was in a legal field. He used to work as a prosecutor. Surely it was enough for that guy to fail the selection. I did not decline him because of curiosity.
In the interview, he told me so much of the company we were hiring for and the products that I was amazed. None of the other candidates did such a great homework. I’m sure he knew his chances were low, but he did his best and showed some great passion about it. I did hire him. He asked for the chance and he got one.

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It paid off after the first week. On sales mapping, I picked point with low people flow. Some stuff layed there even for 180 days. That is a terrible result. So, after the first week that guy sold everything. For the first time ever that shops shelves were empty.
People are amazing creations. And those who might have lowest scores may win the game. Being wise in measuring skills is important. Put loyalty and passion on top of all.