Useful WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Business Website

Useful Wordpress Plugins To Enhance Your Business Website

WordPress is one of the most used website building platforms today, and there are numerous plugins that are designed to enhance the functioning of your websites. Business can be taken to higher levels only by having the right set of tools. These are some of the best WordPress plugins for business websites in the year 2016.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a plugin that, in layman’s terms, allows you to track what your visitors are doing on your website and where are they coming from. It is a free website analytics tool, but also the most comprehensive one in the market. One can use the information gathered via Google Analytics, and use them to improve website traffic and earnings.

Yoast SEO

One of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins is surely Yoast SEO. The plugin helps with optimizing a complete website for search engines, not just with adding meta tags. What comes with Yoast SEO as a big plus are the snippet preview features and keyword counter. WordPress is already known to be very SEO friendly, and you can utilize that completely by installing and using Yoast SEO plugin.


With easy and quick setup, MailChimp is possibly the most beginner-friendly platform today. It is an online marketing service provider that enables you to build your own valuable email list and send news, notifications, and announcements to your subscribers.


Buffer is a plugin used for automating your social media activity. Being active on several social media platforms at once requires time. With Buffer, you can keep all your social media profiles active by easily scheduling posts for the entire day. Good time managing is important when running a business, and making frequent post updates can be very time consuming. Buffer is a plugin that will do all the work, while you are occupied with other things.


When it comes to conversion rate optimization software, OptinMonster is one of the leading plugin. It is designed to help you with growing your email list by converting abandoning website visitors into email subscribers. Having a good email list is important for promoting your business, which makes OptinMonster one of the must-have WordPress plugins in 2016.

CSS Hero

As for the visual appearance of a website, WordPress themes are supported by CSS. You would probably want to customize your website theme, instead of using the stock one, and learning CSS coding is one way of doing that. However, instead of spending great amounts of time on learning CSS (especially if you are not adept in learning how to use code, you can simply install the CSS Hero plugin. It enables its users to customize their WordPress theme without having to write a single line of code.


Tickera is a plugin perfect for those who frequently host live events or fundraisers. It is a simple WordPress event ticketing plugin that is very easy to use. You can write an event description, specify the price and tax rates, sell tickets and deliver them to those who made purchases digitally. Also, it does not take any commission, which means that you can keep full revenue. The Standard Plan costs $99, while the Business Plan that includes the full package with add-ons costs $149.


Losing valuable data due to hardware/software failure is something that you, as a business owner, cannot afford to let happen. BackupBuddy is a reliable and secure backup plugin. It enables you to backup and restore any of your WordPress websites in just a few minutes.


Using all necessary tools for optimizing and maintaining WordPress websites is practically compulsory, because they release you from unnecessary and time-consuming work. These are just some of the best plugins, explore all the available ones online and find those that will bring your website to the next level.