Two Ways You Can Create Your Own Website

Two Ways You Can Create Your Own Website

If you are in business and don’t have your own website you could be missing out on lots of new business from the internet. Today when people want to do business the first thing they do is search on the internet for what they are looking for. Owning your own website is a way that you can tell people about your business. Interested people also have a way to get hold of you, via your contact details on the contact page. You can share your website link in emails, social media accounts and lots of other places.

In the old days, you would have to have a web designer build a website for you. This would cost thousand of dollars. It was beyond the reach of most small business. But its all changed now. Just about anyone in business can learn how to make a website in the comfort of their home or office.

 Building A Website Using A Website Builder

Today people just like you can learn how to create a website with the help of website builders. Using a website you don’t need to know any coding or have any web design knowledge.  Most website builders will include all the tools needed to build your own website. Some will even let you try the website building software free for a few days to see if you like it.

Our advice is if its free why not try it. See if you like it. It may be a lot easier than you think.

Web Hosting

When you sign up to a web hosting company you get lots of tools that can be used to create a website. You will get your own Cpanel and can download and install website builders like WordPress. Once WordPress has been correctly installed you will be able to create a website using WordPress.

WordPress is one of the best ways to build your own website. There is also a large WordPress community to help when you have a problem. Thousands of free and paid WordPress themes to get the look and feel you want. It’s easy to install and activate a new theme and changing the look can be done anytime and you will never loose any work that’s already been done.

Need a certain feature? No problem choose from thousands of free and paid plugins and add just about any feature you want.  There are SEO plugins, that help you get your SEO perfect, plugins for slideshows, image galleries, and lots more.

The great thing about using a website hosting company is that if you have a problem with the hosting company and would like to move to another hosting company it can be done with no downtime.  The new hosting company will move all your website files over to their server. Once this is done you can redirect your domain and presto your files will now be on the new hosting account.

No Web Design Skill Required

It does not matter which way you decide to make your own website, using hosting or a website builder you don’t have to learn HTML coding or have and web design knowledge.  This means that just about anyone can get online and tell the world about your business.

For a few dollars a month, you too can tell the world all about your business. You can update your site when you want no waiting for the web developer. All you need is a domain name, hosting and website builder.