Twitter is launching redesigned ‘Follow’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons next month

Today Twitter announced that it will be launching redesigned “Follow” and “Tweet” buttons next month.

For both types of buttons, which appear on many websites, the light gray background that’s been used since 2011 will be replaced by the signature Twitter blue, or something close to it. The white letters on the buttons are meant to pop out more than the current black lettering.

The new buttons for tweeting bring some technical changes for developers to keep in mind. Twitter Platform partner engineer Niall Kennedy explained the updates in a blog post.

Other recent changes include suggestions about who to follow in your timeline,direct message desktop notifications, user profile previews, the addition of birthdays on Twitter profiles, the removal of custom profile page background wallpaper, and, of course, long direct messages.

Meanwhile, the company has started testing out product and place pages and collections, allowing users to do things they never could before.

The bigger picture is that Twitter has been pushing to attract more users as it deals with a CEO change. New features show the company isn’t stagnating.