Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Working from Home

To tell you the truth, I am entirely happy with having been a home-based businesswoman for about eight years now. Increasingly, more women are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and prefer to do business from home, so I decided to share some thoughts with you that nobody really talks about regarding working remotely. Of course, there are pros and cons, but how you see each one is entirely individual.

It gets lonely

Without cooperation from coworkers such as at a typical office, staying at home by yourself all day long can get a little lonely and boring. Of course, introverts will have no problems with it but if you can’t be without the company of others even for several hours, try to get out during the day. You’re also allowed to have coffee breaks like everyone else.

You’re your own assistant

Of course, you can hire an assistant, but if you’re running your ship for yourself, all the responsibilities will fall on your shoulders alone and it’s your responsibility to manage them effectively. Wearing many hats is definitely something I do love about being my own boss, but others can find it really stressful. If this is you, then devote specific days for specific tasks and allocate the load evenly.

You don’t have to work all the time

When it comes to telling people that you work remotely, they can think that you’re stuck at your home office all day and all night. But the truth is that you don’t have to follow the schedule strictly, but can work whenever you want. Just because you’re in your home office doesn’t mean that you have to be available all the time. It’s absolutely normal to not take calls after 6pm or answer emails round-the-clock. Don’t feel compelled to do that, just because you’re near your office. Set your work hours and let others know about your time schedule.

You can get more things done in less time

It’s a common mistake to think that when you work from home, you can choose to not work at all. In fact, keeping your focus on a single task in the comfort of home is a lot easier than at company office. In my opinion, at home you can control your time more efficiently because of a lack of office distraction. If you’ve ever been called into a meeting just in the middle of an important task, you know what I mean.

Your closet will become a comfort place

One of the things I like the most about working from home is that you have no need to dress up. Let’s face it, all women who work from home are used to working in our sweatpants or pajamas. Not only that, but not dressing up for work every day means your wallet will be happier and definitely fuller.Feature Articles

Do you like to work from home like I do? Please share your ideas about work remotely in the comments section below! I’m sure you have some great ideas and tips that others should know.

About the Author: Janet Davie Smith is a successful lifestyle blogger and mother of two little kids. She prefers to work from home and aside from her main work so also works as a freelance writer.

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