Together we achieve more

There are things that work together way better than on their own. You can buy a TV, but without an antenna it’s just a piece of decor. You can get a notebook, but what can you do with it without applications. A car won’t go far without tires. A husband can’t get married without a spouse (gay-husbands included).

That is why there are many people working in companies. It takes more than one person to create an awesome product. One team member could be great, but will it lead somewhere without a good team?

As Michael Jordan said, and I quote: Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

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One man can do a lot, but with an awesome team around, results would be amazing. So it is extremely important to concentrate not only on a personal development but also on a teamwork development.

Let’s take a look at astronauts’ experience. There are always two or three members of the crew now. They get used to each other and start training for about two years before the actual flight. And before that, they are being evaluated on a psychological suitability. Why bother so much? Because it might save their lives.

Many times people don’t take it seriously. Surely in case of a space flight – one mistake kills the whole team the same second. But the company, which team is not on one page, will do the same. It just takes more time. Still results might be even worse and involve many more people around them.

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In business, everything is same important. It’s always a machine consisting of small parts – employees doing their job. Each one is important for overall success. Surely there is nothing perfect, but what prevents us from trying to be. There is tremendous work behind each bottle of water on shelves of a supermarket. If the whole team wouldn’t be on the same page, customers won’t be satisfied.

It’s almost impossible to arrange a perfect team, but finding 2-5 great professional, who can easily work on the same page. That might do the trick. Make management hierarchy work on your goals. Here is the example: 2-5 top managers, each leads 2-5 department managers. They lead 2-5 specialists. That’s just a basic core with easy numbers. Surely, a corporation might be way bigger, but this system can apply anywhere. You’ll have many connected teams working perfectly together.

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Add backup teams to save the day if something goes wrong. And once again I want to come back to the astronauts’ experience. If a member of the team, get’s sick or injured, they remove the whole team from the flight. That creates responsibility. Not words, but a real action would build trust and support among each team.

That is how people achieve more – by working together.