This Habit Determines the Altitude of Your Success

Pay more attention to this particular habit, practice it and maintain it, and you'll make success your best friend.

Every person on Earth has 24 hours a day. What you do with your time says more about you than what you say about yourself. It’s been proven that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to what we say and what we do for our own good and for the good of others, too. Constancy helps us navigate through life more successfully; make it a habit.

If our words and actions don’t match, we aren’t being honest. Being constant at what we do and at what we say shows responsibility, maturity, and discipline. To accomplish things in life, constancy is completely essential. Without constancy, we create unnecessary trouble and delayed success in our lives; and along the way, we cause headaches and heartaches to ourselves, and others as well.

These things happen when we lack constancy:

1. People find it hard to rely on us

2. People have difficulty trusting us

3. People get impatient with us

4. People stop talking to us

5. People feel resentful towards us

6. People become disappointed at us

7. People distance themselves from us

These are a few of the myriad of things that can happen when we lack constancy. Being frequently late to work, to school, or to a doctor’s appointment shows inconstancy. It is easy to recognize lack of constancy in others than it is to recognize it in ourselves. We must look deep within ourselves and find the areas where we are being inconstant and commit to getting better at them.

There is chronic inconstancy and average inconstancy. The more inconstant we are, the less successful we become in our personal and professional relationships, in our pursuits, and in life overall. The good news is that there’s always room for improvement as long as we are open to it.

Lack of constancy also gets in the way of our growth in business and in life. If we constantly change our beliefs, our way of thinking, and our decision-making, we will experience more failure than success. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, we can learn to change as soon as we decide to.

Everything good in life requires time and effort. Nothing works magically like the fairy tales that we’ve been exposed to since our childhood. We have to stop believing that things will work out on their own for our sake. We need to take action to gain and maintain constancy for no one else will do it for us.

Constancy determines much of our success in life. If we frequently make promises and don’t deliver on them, we will make others sad, upset, or disappointed to the point that we will lose their trust. Often times, we sadly recognize how damaging this bad habit is until we find ourselves lonely or stuck in life. We can’t live a life of constancy if we don’t do anything about it.

This post was originally published on LinkedIn on 12/27/15.