There’s more to life than work, work, work!!

Week four of the New Year is upon us. Are you still firing on all cylinders, focusing on achieving those big goals in business this year?

I know my energy is high as I put in the hours towards achieving some big business goals in 2016.

Even though I’m really excited, work in itself is not enough for me. As the old proverb goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. That’s code for we get bored and we also become boring!

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t having a life like that!

So the big question is then, “what’s all the hard work for?”

I’m sure we all have a different response to that question. But I hope the essence is the same…. ‘to have a better or different lifestyle’.

But do you know what that lifestyle ‘looks like’? Do you have a vision for the way your future could be or will be?

If that vision isn’t in place, then you’ve got nothing to aim for.

David (my husband) and I have a VERY clear vision on where our life together is heading. So, when we’re toiling away at our work, making a few sacrifices in the meantime, pushing through the challenging times, we still see the ‘big picture’ and feel that we’re getting closer to achieving it.

Exciting stuff!

But what about interim goals? Aren’t they important too?

Absolutely! When I reviewed my 2015 year, I realised that I hadn’t focused on any achieving personal goals – things that would give the year that real ‘feel good factor’.  2015 felt like a lot of work and very little ‘play’ for me.  Grrrr!!

2016 will be different.

I’ve now set some personal goals that will give me a thrill to work on and achieve over the next 12 months. I can’t wait to tick ‘em off throughout the year.

For me, it’s important to set personal goals around seven key areas, being:

  • Wellbeing (my personal health and fitness goals)
  • Achievement (my big BRAZEN personal goals that will take effort and focus to achieve)
  • Growth (my own personal development)
  • Experiences (the key things I want to do with my family)
  • Relationships (key people in my life and deepening our relationships)
  • Spirituality (nurturing my soul)
  • Legacy (memories I create in the lives of others)

In each of those areas, I’ve set very clear and accountable personal goals. I know what I want to achieve and by when.  Bring it on!

So how about you? What are your personal goals?  Not the goals that are linked to business plan.  What are the goals that nurture you as a human being?  The goals that make the hard work worthwhile?  The goals that make your heart sing and give more meaning and purpose to your life?

Here are my Experiences goals for 2016.

  • In July 2016, to take a helicopter ride over London with David, Gemma and Alex (our kids), Nicola (my PA), and my dad who will be visiting from New Zealand (this goal is a secret – thankfully my family don’t read my blogs:)).
  • To have a three week holiday in New Zealand and Australia (Melbourne and Perth) in August 2016 with David and Gemma.
  • While in New Zealand in August, to visit Queenstown (in the South Island) and to do a Bungy Jump (slightly mad perhaps, but I’ve always wanted to do it).

Your turn now. How about taking some time for yourself and thinking about what you’d like to achieve in the seven key areas I’ve mentioned?

Finally, to inspire me daily towards the achievement of my goals, I’ve typed them up and put them in a photo frame that sits on my desk in my office. Every day I stop and take a few minutes to visualise myself reflecting back on 2016 in December, having had a year filled with love, joy, the achievement of my personal goals…. and much more.

My year will be enriched. My year will be extraordinary.

May your year be enriched with life, love and achievement outside work! May your year be extraordinary too.

ACTION: In the comments below, how about letting me know of ONE key personal goal you’ve set for yourself this year?  Perhaps your goal will inspire others with theirs.