The ultimate fast car in disguise 2015 Audi S7

Audi’s latest sports saloon car, the S7 falls into the latter. It packs a powerful, twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 under the bonnet, which is silky smooth and quiet, but turns into a ferocious monster when you want it.

In its standard form, on the outside it looks like a big, luxurious sportsback, but flick the suspension to low, and pop the hidden spoiler out and you suddenly have a menacing four-door sports car.

Its ability to turn from one car to another is truly astonishing.

Priced from $179,900 before on road coasts, the S7 certainly isn’t cheap, and that’s before you throw on some optional extras which the car really benefits from. Things like the sports exhaust system for an extra $2400, dynamic steering for $2800 or even the excellent $10,500 Bang and Olufsen sound system which was fitted to our test car.

Thankfully the car delivers behind the wheel. Little things make it feel special, such as the seating position, which is perfect for both feeling like the next Daniel Ricciardo or even sitting up high and feeling like you’re in a mini-SUV

The cabin is stunningly crafted, as you would hope for in a circa-$200k car. The leathers are beautifully stitched, and the steering wheel is perfectly sized for the vehicle.

The standard Audi infotainment system, while not as great as some of its competitors is still not bad and easy to set up

Back seat passengers will find themselves with plenty of room, despite the fact that the low roofline might give the impression otherwise. Those back seats can also lie flat, creating a giant storage space which was big enough for me to fit an adult’s bike in.

Behind the wheel, the S7 is just a pleasure to drive. Its 331kW/550Nm engine is simply brilliant and easily cruises quietly around town until you stomp the throttle to the floor and it roars spectacularly while throwing you back in your seat.

The seven-speed S tronic dual clutch automatic gearbox suits the engine and car really well, with a smooth automatic drive and lightening fast shifts when you’re changing them manually with the paddles.

I don’t think I’ve ever driven a car that is so fantastic in so many situations. It’s luxurious, comfortable and easy to drive, all while packing more performance and power than you will ever legally be allowed to use. It’s a car that you can comfortably commute to work, then peg it around your favourite twisty roads at a much faster speed than a car its size should be able to go thanks to its awesome all-wheel-drive system.

It’s simply a car that makes even the most mundane trip exciting, and that’s sorely missing from most cars these days.