THE 7 +1 Ps to standing out and making money in 2016

The New Year is upon us. How are you going to stand out and get noticed in business in 2016?

You might think that it sounds trite to be talking about standing out or getting noticed… but it’s the way business is done now.

People buy from people and we want to know that the people we are connecting with and potentially doing business with are THE experts or authorities in their niche.

Let’s assume you are an expert at what you do. How will you let the market niche that you’re targeting know that you are the expert?

It comes down to the 7+1 Ps of Personal Branding.


Be clear about why you do what you do! I know that sounds quaint, but if you’re not passionate about why you do what you do, then no-one will care who you are or what you offer.  Why are you in business?  What difference do you want to make in the lives of your customers?  Once you’ve got that ‘why’, let your customers and prospects know.  They’ll feel your passion and they’ll like you for it.


What is your market niche? Who is your perfect customer?  If you don’t know then the marketing you do will be lost – it’ll fall through the cracks.  These days, we MUST specifically niche our market… and then go after it with all our messaging.

How are you different? What’s unique about you – and the products and services you offer?  Get that message nailed, and quickly.  Otherwise you and your business will be just like the rest of your competitors – offering more of the same.


Let everyone see the real you and your personal style… not the ‘air brushed’ version of you. People buy from people.  We like failure and success – we like ‘warts and all’ people… not gods and goddesses who can do no wrong.  Show the authentic version of you to everyone.  Not everyone will like you, but those who do will be loyal to you and your style.


Get seen – pick your marketing platforms. There are so many ways to get ‘seen’ in business that it can be exciting and overwhelming.  Work out what suits you best and go for it.  Remember, you must be seen online and offline regardless of what your business is.  Work out your marketing platforms, and exploit them with a carefully crafted strategy and actions plan – one for you and your personal brand and another for your company’s brand.


Before thinking about the products and services you offer, it’s important to think about what your business model is. This links to the next P – Profitability.  When you connect with potential customers, most often they will not be ready to buy from you immediately, so you must take them on a journey.  Over time you demonstrate your expertise, your authority in your market, so that when they are ready to buy what you offer, hopefully they will buy from you.

Until then, you must continue to offer value (content/information/products) that demonstrates your expertise. Examples of content products include:  blogs, webinars, e-books, give-aways, a book you’ve written, free trials, YouTube videos… the list goes on.


What’s your business model? It’s no good having people on your list and not doing anything with them.  Work out how you’ll take your prospects from followers to customers.  How can you package up your knowledge, products and services to add value to your prospects so they continue to get to know, trust and respect you as the industry expert?  Then how do you take them to paying customers?  Your business model is the key to your success.


What partnerships can you form as a way of growing your personal brand and business? Perhaps you can connect with potential referral partners, affiliate partners, and product launch partners?



Do the work – persistently and consistently. Building a brand – a personal or company brand – takes time, so we have to keep at it.  Keep going, even when the going gets tough, and all of a sudden that hard work will pay off.  I promise.

ACTION: What are you going to do in 2016 to build your personal brand so that it supports your business?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  How about sharing them in the comments below