#TechTuesday: The 5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan

As I have said in other blogs, I come across a lot of great infographics which I like to write about, and share with all of you.

This week I am going to be talking about LinkedIn. Did you know that 1 out of 3 professionals on the planet, has a LinkedIn Profile? Did you also know that over 25 million profiles are views on LinkedIn daily? LinkedIn is the king of B2B social networking, and this won’t be changing anytime soon.

Keep reading for my 5 minute LinkedIn marketing plan for LinkedIn beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.


If you’re a LinkedIn beginner, here is how you can expand your LinkedIn network and implement your LinkedIn marketing plan in 5 minutes!

  1. Check your connection requests = 1 minute

Whilst LinkedIn is a professional social network, don’t feel like you have to only connect with people you have done business with. Accept any pending requests to help grow your network.

  1. Thank you message = 3 minutes

Regardless of whether you personally know your new connection, reach out and send a thank you message for connecting. This might also be a good time to share a piece of content you think your new connection may like.

  1. Send a friend request = 1 minute

If you want to expand your LinkedIn network, you need to send connection requests. Spend just a minute a day, and send at least one connection request.



If you have experience using LinkedIn, here is how you can expand your LinkedIn network in 5 minutes!

  1. Check your profile views = 3 minutes

Do you know who has been looking at your profile? They may not be a sales lead now, but they could potentially be in the future.

  1. Share content = 2 minutes

One of the best ways to expand your LinkedIn network, is to share great content that is relevant to your audience. I do this on a daily basis and it has helped me build my network inside of LinkedIn.



If you have been using LinkedIn for years, here are some expert tips that will help you expand your network even further.

  1. Submit content to LinkedIn Today = 3 minutes

Contact the business development team at LinkedIn, and share your content with them. As long as you have a LinkedIn share button on your site, and have consistently shared content with your audience then you might just be in luck.

  1. Comment on posts = 1 minute

How often do you comment on your connections posts? This should be a daily action if you want to increase your network.

  1. Schedule a call, or meeting with a connection = 1 minute

Reach out to a connection of yours that you have history with and suggest a mutually beneficial time to either have a call or meeting. This could lead to more business.

Click here for the link to the full infographic.


On the 19th April, I will be running a complimentary webinar on how to use LinkedIn to generate sales. LinkedIn is not only a social network, it is also one of the most powerful search engines to find, and connect with your ideal customer. Understanding how to use LinkedIn will give you huge edge over your competition when searching for a person or company who you could potentially do business with.

This one hour webinar is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers who want to better understand LinkedIn. If you want to find potential customers using LinkedIn, build your network to over 5,000 connections, connect with channel partners and get to the top of LinkedIn for your keywords in less than 60 seconds then this webinar is for you.

To sign up to this webinar, click here.

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