Strategic Advantages of Using IVR System in Inbound Call Centers

Strategic Advantages of Using IVR System in Inbound Call Centers

The usage of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is not new to inbound customer service industry. Several call centers have already embraced this technology to streamline their customer service functions efficiently. Not only does it allow you to route incoming requests and queries to appropriate, most qualified agents, but also helps you maintain increased cost-efficiency of the entire inbound customer service functions. Therefore, experts want all the inbound customer service solution providers to embrace this technology. There are plenty of strategic advantages of using IVR technology in inbound customer service, and some of those are discussed below.

Resolve plenty of queries sans human intervention: This is certainly the most strategic, most effective advantage of using IVR technology in inbound call centers. With the help of well-organized IVR technology and all-inclusive IVR menu, you can easily eliminate most of the incoming queries and requests from customers without actually engaging your experts. If your IVR menu is organized efficiently, then it will help your customers seek appropriate guidelines without actually connecting with any agent employed into customer service. This way, you not only ensure them hassle-free customer service solution, but also minimize the chances of human errors in customer support solutions. You must know that as things are getting more automated, it has actually become possible for call centers to maintain increased accuracy and reliability of customer care solutions delivered through interactive voice response system.

Route all the incoming calls to the most qualified agents: It actually becomes irritating for customers to connect with those agents who just cannot help them and ask them to be on hold while they transfer their calls to qualified agents or concerned teams. What is even more frustrating for customers is that they have to repeat their issues with the qualified agents or concerned teams as well. Certainly, no customer would actually appreciate this approach. However, once you start using efficient interactive voice response system, then you can actually direct or route all incoming calls to qualified agents or concerned teams easily. Considering this strategic advantage, most competent call centers in India have actually started investing in efficient IVR technology. Unquestionably, this helps call centers deliver great customer service experience to all the callers.

Put a tab on call volume during peak hours: It is no surprise that call volume keep on fluctuating, and call centers therefore have to take some sorts of efficient actions that can help them deal with this situation competently. It is so obvious that most customers would contact call center executives on holidays, and therefore call volume peaks up during holiday seasons. Herein, well-designed IVR menu of inbound call centers can be of great help for customers. Once you have efficient, well-designed IVR menu in place, most of your customers would not actually wait for free time to connect with your brand representatives. This would furthermore help you check call volume during peak hours with utmost ease. On the other hand, if your customer service provisions are not based on adeptly-designed IVR menu, then it is so obvious that your customers would wait for holiday or non-working day to connect with your brand representatives.

Exceed customer satisfaction with utmost competence: IVR system actually allows you take care of your customers in the most efficient manner, and this is something that most of the customer care solution providers aspire for. By assuring well-designed IVR menu, you can actually meet or exceed customer satisfaction quite easily, and therefore, by paying attention to this aspect, most successful call centers in India have actually been able to improve customer satisfaction score quite easily. What is even more important is that it can pave way for more valuable relationships between all the callers (customers and prospects) and brands. If you do not pay attention to streamlining your IVR menu, then it is so obvious that your customer service executives will have difficult times handling all the incoming requests and queries. Therefore, experts want all the forward looking call centers to embrace efficient interactive voice response technology.

In short, considering all these strategic advantages, it becomes must for all forward-looking inbound call centers worldwide to embrace efficient IVR technology. This will not only enable them to deliver top-tier customer service, but would also empower them to handle the mission-critical function cost-efficiently.