Six Steps to Giving Your Resume a 21st Century Facelift

Six Steps to Giving Your Resume a 21st Century Facelift

No one looks for jobs in the paper anymore. Why use a resume designed for that era?

A resume up-to-date in terms of career history but out of date style-wise is a sure fire way to not get a call back. Below are six techniques I use to get a resume up to speed:

#1 Lose the home phone

Today’s resumes usually include just one number and don’t clarify that it is a mobile, office or home. Make sure the one listed is a number where no one but you is likely to pick up and where yours is the voice the caller hears in a recording.

#2 Drop the retro email

Emails with a Hotmail or AOL extension are a surefire way to let the reader know your technology aptitude has not evolved. Switch to a newer web-based email like Gmail.

#3 Skip references

The old “references available upon request” while courteous is passé. It does not showcase value in anyway and takes up space better used showcasing an achievement.

#4 Synopsize the old stuff

Readers want to know what you’ve been doing for the last 10-15 years, as this is usually most relevant. Remove dates from older experience and devote simply a line or two if the experience tells a good story.  Otherwise just include the company name and title.

#5 Omit an objective 

Like “references available upon request” the objective statement dates to the 80s and 90s. Replace it with a branding statement that shows the reader how you are a perfect fit for a specific role.

#6 Shake the intro job statement

Today’s reader often only skims the first bullet below each job description during the first pass – making it critical to show them what you can do right off the bat.

Ask yourself what your proudest moment was at each role and lead off with that.  This is way more telling and certainly more memorable then a ho-hum statement explaining your main responsibilities.

New times call for new techniques

As is the case in most industries, styles and trends continue to evolve. Resumes are no exception.  Maintain a competitive advantage by keeping yours current in both style and content.


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