Running Your Business from a Smartphone

Running Your Business from a Smartphone

If you know somebody who doesn’t own a mobile phone, it’s safe to say you’re part of a very exclusive club. From playing games to counting steps and reading the news to taking photos, there’s virtually nothing that can’t be done with a smartphone, including running your business.
Almost no aspect of the typical working day can’t be accommodated. Application marketplaces are rife with apps aimed at empowering business owners in the palm of their hand. There’s even a number of handy tools that come right out of the box with most devices.


Why Use Mobiles?
Make no mistake about it, the work computer is extremely practical. For years, it has successfully fulfilled its purpose and has made communications and processes efficient. For many people however, mobile phones offer the next logical step in business growth. Why is this, though?

Primarily due to usability and portability. Just about everybody has a phone. That means that almost everybody you will meet knows how to use a handset, at least the one they own. Thanks to the pocket sized, minicomputer set up of handsets, work is no longer confined to a wooden table and desktop.

Unlimited Contact

One of the biggest advantages of going mobile is the ability to be contactable at all times. Whether you need to speak to staff, clients or anybody else, it can all be done using one device. Email and telephone and video call features are commonly found as standard and with a few presses of a screen, you can download apps for group conversations if needs be.
Much more practical than sending mass emails and watching a bunch of staggered replies come in as separate attachments. You can even send and receive files between participants and save them to your phone.

Documents and Files
Creating, viewing and editing documents might seem like a desktop task, but isn’t restricted to a PC. Even the most popular of desktop publishing suites have mobile apps and many of them use the cloud to save and sync files. They’re securely kept and stored, ready to be opened as and when you need them. This goes for spreadsheets, word processing and even slideshows.
If your handset is running low on memory, you needn’t worry. Outside of dedicated publishing suites, you can effortlessly store documents using protected cloud based storage apps. You can even set sharing options, meaning people who have been authorised to access folders can do just that.


Real-Time Notifications
Missed an important phone call whilst at lunch? You may never know if nobody picked up the phone and the caller never rang back. Not been on social media for a few days and coming into a barrage of notifications? Do you really have time to reply to them all at once?
Business mobiles can ensure that this is no threat. Many models now feature Wi-Fi calling and push notifications. You don’t even need a phone signal to pick up your calls. A connection to a wireless network will ensure that calls and push notifications come through.


Productivity is a key aspect of work which hopefully yields great results. There’s a number of apps available to help you identify just how effective your processes are.
Analytics type software for search results, visitor site usage and social media is ready to install and offer a world of insights on what you’re doing right and where you could be doing better.


Thousands of Sector Specific Apps
Even the most niche of sectors that require specialised tools or software can use mobiles. From pharmacists to baristas and fishermen to teachers, whatever makes your business tick can be found in your pocket.
Adding these to more generic apps, such as business card readers, email marketing tools and tax calculators, provides you with the ultimate desktop experience, without having to sit in one place.

A Changing Landscape
There’s no indication that the growth of business mobiles is going to slow down. That’s not to say however that the desktop PC is an outdated phenomenon.
Multitasking in particular is much easier using a traditional computer, especially when speaking on the phone and trying to access documents or the internet at the same time. Perhaps there’s a place for both to get along, side by side.

The efficiencies and productivities found by using mobile phones however are only going to improve as time goes on. What are already powerful devices for work are likely to get even mightier and offer new insights and tools for incredible work capacity in the future.