Review of Toptal, The Best Freelancing Site

Toptal is the growing network of freelancers (developers only). Toptal is known as the top freelancing platform with top level of interviews. Toptal keeps the top 3% of total freelance developers and designers. The collection of top level freelancer will never give bad results.

Review of Toptal, The Best Freelancing Site


How selection process is performed in Toptal?

There are many people who are being rejected from its tough interviews. In the first step, they take an interview via Skype where they talk about simple things so as to get knowledge about yourself, your fluency or communication in English, etc. After the succession of first basic interview you have to move for another practical test level or let’s call it a challenge via Codility. It’s timed coding challenge where you’re supposed to perform some coding challenge. The Toptal challenges are quite harder than the samples. If you get selected from this step then again they’ll take your interview via Skype where they give you some coding challenges which you have to perform in your code editor and your screen will be shared to them so that they will be able to see your task at any time. Don’t dare to cheat them instead you may lose a great chance of being a freelancer in Toptal.

How to pass the Toptal interviews and tests?

Without any confusion, I can say that passing Toptal interviews and tests is not an easy job as they’ve made it tough and complicated to select out the best freelancers throughout the world who can always make the task qualitative and can perform quickly.
Your first interview for Toptal will be taken via Skype. During this you don’t have to think about many things. Make sure your English can be understood by them and don’t hesitate while speaking. Do some practice before interview to enhance your confidence level.
Second step during the selection in Toptal is timed coding test via where you’ll be asked to code for some challenging tasks or simply you’ll be asked knowledge based questions Here, you can take help of internet if got confusion and you have to think of time. Be fast with proper work and grab the chance of jumping into next step.
Third step is somehow more challenging than rest of the others where you’ll be said via Skype to perform certain task by sharing screen with them. Most questions asked in this step are somehow similar to second step but you cannot get the solution from other places. They’ll be seeing your task throughout your interview time. So, don’t try to dirt yourself by cheating. What I can suggest is go through the questions of second step thoroughly and make sure you don’t have any confusion. And if you have broad knowledge of your field i.e. designing or developing, it’s tough for you.
Be patient and be hopeful. You can do it.

Why should you join Toptal?

Joining the tough and the best freelancing platform will never get wasted. Here let me list out some important pros of Toptal:

  • Can set up your hourly rate by yourself
  • Reliable
  • Secured payment
  • An experience with great companies
  • Focused on quality rather than quantity
  • Great opportunity to work with the best freelancing site
  • Least risk

Why should you avoid Toptal?

Finding downsides or cons of platform like Toptal is not an easy job for anyone however I am trying my best to point out cons of Toptal:

  • Not suitable for freelancers with low experience and skill level
  • Freelancers other than developers and designers cannot join
  • Sometimes accounts are automatically deleted if found any faults



Toptal is the best freelancing site rather than toughness to get selected. And honestly I suggest you not to waste your time trying to join Toptal if you aren’t experienced and skilled. For non-experienced or less experienced designers and developers Upwork can be the best place for freelancing.
Until and unless you try, success won’t knock your door. Joining and getting job from the top freelancing site is making your payment and career secured. Also, getting selected in Toptal is surely being listed to the top 3% freelancers list.
This is how I went to the different parts of Toptal and watched it from different angles. If you have different opinion about toptal or if you have prior experience with Toptal, your opinion or experience is welcomed to the comment box. Also, don’t forget to share this post to your friends. I believe sharing is caring and please let me know either you care for us. 🙂 Happy Freelancing