Random thoughts and thank yous… from me

Do you recognise any of this in your life?  Right now, this is my reality.

Working long hours

while trying to balance a home life

…and feeling very guilty that work is taking over

knowing my family is playing second, third or fourth ‘fiddle’

especially my young teenage daughter who’s on school holidays and needs some ‘mummy time’ – when it suits her.

Looking forward to a break over Easter….

…but too exhausted to head away.

Loving the northern hemisphere Spring that’s unfolding

especially in the quiet 6am morning dew as I treasure my daily ‘me-time’ on my power walks.

Back to the office.

Some days are fantastic… and others are a challenge….

My vision is unfolding

yet some of the hurdles are high and hard to jump over.

And yes, I fail to achieve them at times.  I stumble and fall.

For a ‘recovering perfectionist’, that’s hard!

Yet, I get up.  I keep going.

I’m keeping the faith….

I’m committed to my passion – my purpose and vision.

Growing our businesses is not linear or easy.  There are constant ups and downs.  It takes commitment, focus and hard work.  It takes sacrifice.  Yet, if we believe in what we’re doing, we keep going.  We keep the faith.  We keep believing.

And even in the darkest, hardest of moments…. There are glimmers of light.  Stars that shine, brightly.  If we look for them.

Thank you

Through the craziness of the ‘busy-ness’ of evolving my business to support more business owners around the world achieve the success they desire, it’s people who make it worthwhile.

It’s you who counts for me.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being a part of my community, and for letting me enter your email inbox each week. Thank you for reading my blog.  We are all inundated with ‘stuff’, so I know it’s a privilege to be a part of your world.

I’m also grateful for those who connect with me on all the various social media we have at our disposal.  For me, it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Soon it will be YouTube and podcasting too.  I read every message that people leave for me.  I feel grateful each time a message is offered, and for the opportunity I have to contribute to someone’s life in a small, yet meaningful way.

I am so grateful to all my clients too.  While I guide them to achieve the extraordinary in their businesses and lives…. I always learn from them.  Thank you for so openly sharing the reality of your world, and letting me work with you to create a new and better tomorrow for you and your families.

People are so kind, so generous

It’s the people we have in our lives who matter.

I am forever wowed by the generosity and kindness of others.  If we look for it we always find it.  Perhaps it’s a case of ‘we reap what we sow’ as I have always tried hard to be a giver to others, and to be kind.

Business Networking Summit

I’m organising and hosting the Business Networking Summit which goes live on 11-17 April.  It’s free to register so please click here to learn more about it.

My goal was to interview 28 business networking experts from around the world.  Through the incredible generosity of the summit experts, I’m now interviewing +35 people… people who are offering their knowledge and expertise to support you to become exceptional at networking and connecting for business growth.

Plus through talking and sharing with our experts, I’ve been introduced to so many people who share my business vision and who want to support me to ‘bring it to life’.

Wow.  It’s always about people!  I am so grateful.

We must find the beauty

Even when the going is tough and the days are long…. there’s always something to be grateful for.  Something to smile about!  A lesson learnt.  A kindness offered.  A helping hand!

For me the joy of life, in good times and bad, is to find the beauty of the moment.  Sometimes that’s easy and at other times, it’s harder.

But if we look for it, it will always be there for us, shining brightly.

Thank you for being a part of the beauty of my world.

QUESTION:  Do you have a moment that you’re cherishing at present?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.