Proper Ways to Expand Your One-Man Business

Some businesses require a lot of employees in order to exist, while services like plumbing can be easily pulled off even if you are the only one with the tools. And this “one man army” philosophy sometimes works like a charm. But what happens when you become too good at what you do, and your overcrowded schedule becomes less of a blessing and more of a curse? The question naturally arises should you bring your one-man business onto a whole new level, and is it even possible to do so. Let us see if we can find the answer together.
The Heart of the Problem

To grow or not to grow, this is the question, and indeed, doing the small jobs, and relying on the core customer base to keep your business afloat, does seem like a very compelling and safe future. You have to be aware, though, that your customer base is not set in stone. You may, at some point face the project you will not be able to pull off on your own, or your schedule may get the best of you. Your customer base will look for the alternative, and the positive word-of mouth-will start to fall away.

The Troubles of Sharing the Responsibility

But, is it really possible to put your most loyal customers, already used to your services, into the hands of new associates? The truth is that the void which you absence leaves in the pre-established customer relations can hardly be replaced, but this problem can be easily solved if you let your new associates to build their own foothold. Sure, leaving strangers to represent your business’ best interests can be stressful, and resisting to micromanage everything can be hard, but it is necessary, if you want to make this transition sustainable in the long run.

Look for Talented Prospects

Of course, that does not mean that you should leave the keys to the kingdom to strangers which are not up to task. “Plumbing is a very demanding job which requires not only the physical endurance, but also the wide set of acquired skills that include the knowledge of tools, machines, blueprints, and even great oral communication”, says a reputed Sydney-based plumber. “Choose only the talents which will live up to these high standards, and do not hesitate to invest some time in their training. Your effort will be well-returned.”

Spend Sparingly

The second common issue preventing some plumbers from making the necessary leap of fate and growing their businesses is the question of workers’ salaries, expenses like insurance and taxes for things like unemployment and disability which can put quite a pressure on a small business’s budget. This situation can be alleviated if you solve one problem at a time and follow your business’ natural growth pace. Sure, taking such small steps can be very exhausting and stressful, but it will allow your business to maintain sustainable ROI all the time.

Partner With Other Businesses

Finally, one of the easiest ways to expand your plumbing business is to partner with other plumbers, or even the other related businesses. Partnership with retailer will give you the access to more quality equipment and enable you to tackle some more demanding duties, while collaboration with painters, carpenters, and transportation companies will allow you all to develop a very well-rounded home-improvement business. Sure, giving up on the complete autonomy looks like a career step-down, but in this case, such move can open a whole new set of career options.
As you can see, once your plumbing business reaches the point where you are not able to keep up with demand, the real question is not should you expand it, but how to do that properly. Be smart, do not be afraid of some hard decisions, invest money in all the right places, and this difficult period will become a breeze.

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