Positioning a Failed Startup into a Winning Experience During Your Job Search

Positioning a Failed Startup into a Winning Experience During Your Job Search

Many of my clients come to me because their startup endeavors didn’t pan out, and are hoping a return to Corporate America will provide stability and a steady paycheck.

With the right wording, a failed startup can easily translate into a positive experience on your resume and LinkedIn profile sure to impress hiring managers, recruiters and decision makers.

Many Hats, Many Roles

When it comes to staffing no company is leaner than a startup – especially one in the early stages of funding.

As a result, most entrepreneurs wind up wearing many hats. From payroll to HR, PR to sales, operations to administration – employees at startups do it all.

Position yourself as a jack-of-all-trades integral to running all aspects of a company, and you suddenly have showcased your skill diversity.

Wild West to Respectable Town

Those first hired to get a startup off and running often face a “Wild West” atmosphere lacking consistency and continuity. When you transform chaos into order, you have created an infrastructure.

If upon your departure others can run with what you’ve created, then your infrastructure is sustainable. If it can grow and shrink based on market demands than your infrastructure is not only sustainable but scalable. These adjectives are sure to bring a smile to the reader.

Highlight your talent for establishing controls and processes by noting your efforts at creating a sales, marketing, communications or finance foundation from the ground up.

Fly by the Seat of Your Pants Flexibility

Many entrepreneurs describe startup work as exciting because each day is a surprise and you never know what to expect.

Survival in a “fly by the seat of your pants” environment means a talent for remaining flexible in an ambiguous work environment – a highly desirable job trait!

Funding, Influence and Buy-in

Obtaining funding is often a critical component to getting a company off the ground. The skills vital to obtaining financial support are often the same needed to succeed in sales and even project management.

If your compelling presentations and persuasive cases succeeded in getting some much needed cash, be sure to note this success.

Transform Failures to Successes

Entrepreneurial endeavors often don’t work out. With some self-reflection, introspection and crafty writing, it’s easy to see to show how lessons and skills acquired make you ideally suited for a variety of roles.