How Not To Manage A Business

What Nigeria will teach enterpreneurs about management

Now I know this looks like a strange topic but it has a lot of wisdom to it. I’m sure you would have seen popular topics like “How to be a good manager” or “How to lead” etc. But hardly will you see a topic like this.

Let’s be truthful, managing a business can be tiring and frustrating especially in Nigeria. I will be using Nigeria as our case study. You can learn a lot about management by studying Nigeria and I will be discussing some in this article.

1. The number one lesson I believe every entrepreneur should note is this: When the leader fails, the country (people) suffer. So also, if you as an entrepreneur fails, the business (people)suffers. When a president fails to understand the importance of the decisions he is to make and takes less than impressive actions or make wrong policies, they in turn harm the citizens. The same applies for an entrepreneur. If you take hasty decisions or ill informed decisions, they in turn harm the profit of the business which in turn harms the livelihood of your employees. Donald Trump once said that “the number one job of an enterpreneur is to create high quality and stable jobs”.

2. You should be the one running the business not the other way round. There is nothing wrong with employees taking some responsibility but when they are the ones bearing the burden of the business then the end is near.
Employees should not be using their private money to buy things that the business needs to survive like stationeries, office equipments, office maintainance etc. If you are an employee and you do this most of the time then that company may just be about close. Its like a father collecting house rent from his 12 year old son. It’s just not meant to happen.
Let’s put some Nigerian perspective to it. If the citizens have to struggle to buy houses or rent one because there is a housing deficit and there are just not enough homes to go round then that is failed management. When the same citizens have to construct make-shift road to use, then that is leadership in coma. If the same citizens have to form vigilante groups to protect their family, properties and lives, because there is not enough security officials to protect them, then that is tragedy waiting to happen.
As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford that to happen. The business must be healthy enough to provide a reasonably good working condition for your emloyees. If you find it hard to do these, it may well be a sign that your business is going bankrupt.

3. Finally, you must be in tune with your employees. You and your emloyees must flow in the same direction. There must be a single goal and focus. You cannot afford to be doing your own thing and them doing something different. They must understand you just as you must understand them. If you ask me, I’ll say the latter is more important. Don’t take them for granted or for a ride because unlike a country where the citizens might not have a big influence or impact on the government, your employees have the ability to impact your business either positively or negatively. They could very well run the business down.

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