The Non-Destructive Steps To Dealing With Your First Million Dollars

You’ve just made a million dollars, and you feel sorry for yourself. You feel you have let yourself and peer down by taking too much money than you can spend, knowing fully well that over  60% of the world is struggling to eke out a living.

Now you belong to an exclusive group of people and sometimes you feel
you just want to be yourself but the media, your new found friends and the financial fraternity wouldn’t let you be.

But hey, you need not be somber about your new found status; your mind is only playing a trick on you. The millions you own does not exist, itself is a mirage.

What truly exist are what you have created and the happiness that exudes from seeing people wanting to be part of your creation, which to me is the real “millionaire”.

Dealing with your first million can become a problem is not well guarded. Now that you have come to terms with your new found status, this is what you should start doing immediately.
Start farming

Nothing brings you closer to nature than getting your hands and feet into the earth. The earth is home to a billion lives, interacting to form a close system. The earth symbolizes life and the foundation of everything.

It is a stabilizer and holds enough energy to sustain the earth. Think of the billion lives the earth support including you, this just goes to remind us of how inconsequential we can be.

The mere fact that we will soon be part of these microscopic lives that make up the earth soon, only goes to show how basic farming can be. What are you waiting for, go into the field, plough the land, sow a seed, who knows you might just grow a nation.
Start writing a lot

Nothing energizes the brain more than thinking, reading and writing. The brain comprises only 2% of our body weight, but it coordinates all our activities, hence it can’t be downplayed.

Writing helps stimulate the brain and takes our mind out of the world for the time being. The conclusion of any write-up tends to give one a natural high. If you can’t find anything to write on, write about your life every day.

If you find writing boring you could join book clubs and form discussions groups, it gives you a better perspective of the world through shared opinions.

Start a charity

The old saying, it is far better to give than to receive still holds true. Statistics shows that people who give tend to live much longer and happier than those who don’t.

There are thousands of causes to support and for every cause, there are millions of people looking up to those funds. Let‘s be truthful, for as long as human exist, there will always be problems begging for support.

No man is an island, entire of itself; somehow we all need each other’s support. Thinking of what to support, I discovered one, how about feeding a child; there are so may hungry kids in the world.

Start doing more public presentation

Now is not the time to go hiding like a confused hermit. You are now the toast of the world. What do you think; the world is anxious to hear you speak.

Thinking of what to say, say anything, nobody is really listening to you, and they’re only overwhelmed by your presence.

Thinking of doing it free, don’t, charge like it’s your only source of income, that way you will feel more appreciated.

Public speaking is a great source of self-esteem booster; by sharing your views with others you become more satisfied and fulfilled.

Start a new company

We all know it, nature abhors a vacuum.

The moment we allow a gulf to exist in our lives, that moment we subjected ourselves to constant stream of thoughts, which when acted upon can release enormous strain on our brain; leaving us either rejuvenated or depressed.

By now you should have started your new company but if you haven’t, take a journey to the unknown you might soon stumble upon an idea.
Start a documentary

Documentaries are very powerful; they paint a picture of reality. Some documentaries have changed the course of history.

There are so many stories begging for coverage. Nature is far more diverse than we think and events seem to happen faster than we can recall.

The most observant eye can paint a thousand pictures but the cheapest camcorder can capture events never imagined.

So what are you waiting for, pack your camcorder and head off to the Amazon, the Korubus of the Javari Valley have never made contact with humans.
Set off on a voyage

Marco polo was 17 when he set off to Asia and gave a vivid picture of his experiences, catapulting him to fame and fortune.

Christopher Columbus was a very ambitious man, his voyage to Americas will begin the European exploration earning him the admiral of the sea.

So you are a millionaire and can’t figure out what more life seems to offer, but life itself is constantly challenging us to dare it. The sea presents us with an interesting perspective to life.

The impermanence of the waves, the solitude of the sea and its sheer volume puts nature at the focal point our thoughts.
Fund a research

Remember when you were a kid, that tiny insect that stung you, you wondered why it was so painful. The color changing chameleon you read in your nursery, it seemed mind blogging.

Research itself is an endeavor to discover an unknown; shed more light on already established ideas. It’s surprising how little we know about things.

Are you emotionally attached to problem, was there a day you felt touched by something but let it pass you. This is your greatest opportunist. There are more rare diseases in the world begging for research. Go, go fund a research.
Take a trip to Africa

Yes, this one is particularly important, for whatever you do in life never forget this. Pack your bags, head off to the airport and land in Africa.

It doesn’t matter if you find yourself in the desert of Sudan or in the busy streets of Lagos or among the Maasai tribe of East Africa, just remember Africa is home.

Home to about a billion people. You might want to plan your travel around June and August to witness the Wildebeest Migration in East Africa, in February to participate in the Sahara Marathon in North Africa or around October to witness the Durban Festival in Northern Nigeria.

Africa represents the finest form nature can be, the rare splendor and rustic appeal it exudes will leave you spellbound for the rest of your life.

Welcome to the club, not the millionaire’s club. You are the newest member of a powerful force of attraction holding the universe together. To put it in perspective, for every dollar you own, an effort equal to that of dynamite is released on the earth, for every thousands you make, a meteorite would explode. Now with a million, consider yourself a shooting meteorite. Yes, you would never remain the same again. What are you waiting for, start writing that book, start irrigating your land and don’t forget to take a trip to Africa, for that is where the heart lies.

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