How Do Noise-Canceling Headphones Work?

How Do Noise-Canceling Headphones Work?

The noise cancelling headphones are very much useful to block the outside noise in the noisy environments like the buses, train and also the public places. The technical theory worked out is that the device copies the sound waves from outside and then they make these sounds waves to go to the phase. This can also be compared to that of the swimming upstream is, if a river downstream current is made directly proportionate to the  upstream swimming strength then  you still stay there at this case the device must stay quiet without doing anything. In the market there are two types of noise cancelling headphones model are available they are.

There are two types of the headphones are designed to reduce the interference of the noise created in the background they are of.

  • Active noise cancelling headphones
  • Passive noise cancelling headphones

The active noise cancelling headphones decreases the external sound electronically and produces a calm and quiet listening environment. On the other hand the passive noise cancelling headphones work on the theory of the muffling the outdoor noise or the sound to lessen the interference with the recorded speech or music. The passive headphones essential utilizes the characteristics of the muffling provided by the circum-aural headphones and it is designed in the shape like a cup with a rim surrounding the ear. The rim constitutes the high density foam and the sound dampening materials. It is of soft and it does not hurt the ears and it creates the acoustic seal which has the capacity of blocking the 20 decibels of noise.

Active noise cancelling headphones are the more advanced versions having the potential of reducing the 20 decibels more noise reduction than the passive noise cancelling headphone model. It is because it uses the phase cancelling technology in its working. This is the main key feature of this headphone model which is that it works by using the microphone to pick out the outdoor noise which the circum aural beds are incapable to stop out or prevent. The intensity and the frequency of the outside noise are analyzed by the phase cancelling circuit where it generates the mirror image of the noise and the noise created by the phase is 180 degrees.

Some more information’s about the noise cancelling headphones

The following are the some of the most important things which you need to know about the noise cancelling headphones in reducing the background or unwanted noises from the environment.

  • The speaker of the headphones plays the anti noise along with the recorded speech or music. The artificially generate anti noise is exactly opposite to the external noise because it enters the device and when the two noises gather they cancel out each other by themselves.
  • Where the end result is that the volume of the external noise becomes more extinct and the audio that you are listening becomes very clear and audible without any presence of the background noises.
  • It is vaguely summed that the noise cancelling headphones are the headphones that can reduce the unwanted sounds by the way of the active noise control and this can be achieved by having more than one microphone near to your ear with an electronic circuitry that uses the signal from the microphone to produce a different kind of the anti noise signal.

Once the anti noise signal is made by the speaker device that is nothing but the headphone it destructive the interference controls outside of the ambient sound as heard within the volume of the headphones. To make the visual thought about how these headphones work , think how the waves rushes to the beach and runs over your feet and then your recedes. When this is interrupted by the artificial wave which is set to move it towards the wave they will crash it before it is reaching and it will never hit your feet. These headphones work in a similar way allowing you to hear the music and get relaxed without having any disturbance or interference of the background noise.