New Xbox One Experience tour — an early look launching on November 12

New Xbox One Experience launching on November 12

During tonight’s Halo 5: Live launch event, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer brought a little extra non-Halo news to the fore, announcing that the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) will be launching for everyone on Xbox One on November 12.

When it launches, the NXOE will bring a new dashboard, along with backwards compatibility with certain Xbox 360 games out of the gate. Cortana is planned to make an appearance on the Xbox One in time, but that won’t be until sometime in 2016. The initial focus will be on a snappy, smooth interface and Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

So far, the NXOE has only been available for Preview members, but starting on November 12, the update will arrive, bringing Windows 10 to the console in full force. This has been a long time coming, and it’ll be great to see the update start to hit consoles. However, with just over two weeks to go, that means there will be a fair number of bugs for Microsoft to work out before it lands.