Making waves in the beauty industry: 3 profitable and innovative new treatments for 2017

Making waves in the beauty industry: 3 profitable and innovative new treatments for 2017

Cosmetic surgery is a booming industry all around the world, but times are getting harder for new clinics as competition increases around the UK.

This is also because customer confidence has decreased around some of the most drastic treatments, despite the fact that they have been on the market for a few decades now. Bearing in mind this situation, it now pays to think of ways to break into the cosmetic industry in combining safety and innovation, offering only non-invasive and cutting edge treatments for your customers.

So let’s look together at 3 cosmetic trends and treatments that will help new clinics take the industry by storm in 2017 and drive growth despite the issues this market is facing.

Vasher Hi Def

Many customers who recur to cosmetic surgery need to make their body look more sculpted and athletic, so what better way to achieve that than with impressive-looking abs without any counter effects? Soon on the market, Vasher Hi Def makes it possible to remove excess fat around the ab muscles in a safe manner. Only a local anesthesia is needed, and the treatment can be offered both to men and women, making it a very profitable new option for clinics. The treatment starts usually at £6,000 and can easily be added to the portfolio of qualified clinics.


It may seem odd, but people are becoming more concerned about how their ears look, mostly because of the widespread love for selfies. So despite all odds, new treatments that can make your ears look more Instagram ready are becoming available. EarFold is all the rage because it is a very rapid procedure – it takes under 20 minutes, and it is minimally invasive as it only requires the use of minor implants which can be easily added by experienced practitioners. What’s more, it is also possible for the patient to choose the desired new shape beforehand, making it a very customisable treatment.


This term stands for small, non-invasive targeted treatments that can gradually improve your looks over a few short sessions. Non-surgical nose jobs are among them: they will spare you having to go through rhinoplasty to improve your nose shape, and are usually achieved with non dermal fillers injections which have little or no side effects and minimal downtime. Dermal fillers can also be used in the mid-face area to avoid having to go under the knife and plump up sagging eye bags and tired-looking tissue. Both treatments combined can be offered for less than £2,000, making them very profitable for mid-market clinics which are looking at increasing their customer base without taking huge risks.