LinkedIn changed our lives

A long time ago people used the pigeon mail to have a conversation. The need in communication never decreased. The technology was stepping in, allowing more and more. It all lead us to the technology era when people can talk to each other from different parts of the world. You can even see the one you are talking to. So the internet opened a huge amount of doors between people. On the other hand, it created such an info noise that value of technology slowly went down.

There are millions of people searching the web on daily basis. There is all kind of info out there. You get news, you can buy stuff, you communicate. To be effective in work – all information must have some order, you require search possibility. And surely we got business all over the place. It builds, sells, hires, creates, innovates, communicates and does many activities.

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So, in 2003 few bright personalities launched LinkedIn. Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Valiant came up with the great idea of creating a portal where employees and employers can create their profiles and communicate in real time. What’s so great about it? In previous times, people had to print their CV’s, find emails of HR team, make phone calls. HR people had to work with messy information delivered by all possible ways. Surely it still works, but many people went on with LinkedIn model. Today it’s more than 347 million members all over the world. Let’s compare this number to the population of Germany, about 80 million people live there. See the difference?

So what did LinkedIn do to our lives? It changed its business communication way. Now you can create your profile, see your possible employers and their open vacancies. More of that, you can directly communicate with the person looking for an employee. It saves a huge amount of time and helps you evaluate people before the first conversation, so the hiring process has fewer levels and is much easier.

There is something more about LinkedIn that makes it such an impact on our lives. There are plenty of headhunting web pages in the world. But there is one social network where you can really communicate, follow news and create a relationship with an employer, or an employee, based on what you do. More of that you can push your business. If you are professional in, for example, translation to some language – create your page and start a discussion. You might find those who require your expertise.

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Surely some things are good and some not, but overall LinkedIn changed our lives for good. We can benefit from technology and share that joy with each other. Yes, sharing joy is also a part of that. I can share my thoughts with people and have their feedback right away. It’s a little different from writing a post in newspapers years ago. You had to wait for information. Didn’t know whether people liked it or not. So you worry less now.

It’s great that professionals share their experience with others. It helps those who are only starting their business career. I remember my first days at Honda right after the university. It’s all different. I graduated after five years in Marketing and then in five minutes at the office I understood how much bigger this world is. It was even hard to ask right questions. So now you just go to LinkedIn and ask for the opinion, read articles and get what you want. Easy as that.

We all live on the beautiful planet earth. In space, we are still only making our first steps. Humans were on the moon and think of how far we can go working altogether? There are no limits. Everything is possible. LinkedIn is one of human activity examples that inspires people, making lives better.

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Andrew Goldman is a writer and entrepreneur. Worked in such a companies like Microsoft, Johnson & johnson and Honda.