Let’s Get Real With Each Other

Get Real

Would you agree that people connect with us when we are real and not some ‘plastic fantastic’ image we create of ourselves? How many times have you observed another person and wondered if they are really being themselves or if they are ‘putting it on’ for the audience or you?

Once upon a time….

…often that’s the way it was. Famous people had their public persona, and often the real person only came out with their nearest and dearest. I think we know when someone is not being real. If we listen, our intuition tells us what we need to know. Intuitively, we don’t trust them… yet we don’t always know why (at first).

The key is personalisation

Personalisation is about being proud of who you are, the stories and scars you have, the way you look, the way you speak. Personalisation is showing everyone you in all your uniqueness. It’s about accepting yourself as you are with all your strengths and imperfections.

You might be thinking that we must hide our imperfections from everyone. Until recently, I’d have agreed with you as that’s what I did. I didn’t think anyone would really be interested in some of the challenges of my business and life’s journey.

How wrong I was! In fact, I’ve learnt that by sharing all that, by allowing myself to be vulnerable with others, rather than being a weakness vulnerability is an incredible strength.

People warm to us more if we are prepared to be open, honest and raw. They don’t want perfection as they believe they can’t measure up to that. With our imperfections, we are just like them. Human.

Think about these things

In building our personal brand, there are three or four areas we must think about in relation to personalisation. They are:

  • Your Story
  • Your Voice
  • Your Style
  • Your Title (sometimes)

What’s your story?

The simplest and perhaps the most powerful way to articulate your personal brand is through the art of storytelling.

Stories have the ability to paint a picture with words, tapping into the imagination of the listener or reader and allowing you to connect with them. The stories you tell will show whether or not you are a team player, have initiative, purpose; they enable you to stand out and be memorable, and to show your human side.

How do you sound?

Voice has a critical role to play in personal branding. It can amplify or detract from your personal brand. As motivational speaker, Les Brown rightly says: ‘When you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are.’ Voice reveals personality. It also reflects emotions. We can hear it when someone feels happy, sad, or angry. People pick up what’s happening for you through your voice.  We cannot hide. Voice is the vehicle to the soul. Therefore, you can use your voice to your advantage. It can support you towards standing out and becoming influential and branded.

Personal style

Your personal style is your personal brand image and will help you to stand out and be memorable, from your appearance to your website and the tone of your communication. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg wears the hoodies and grey tee-shirts, and for Steve Jobs it was the glasses and black sweaters.

What’s your style? It doesn’t have to be crazy, but first impressions are often created by appearances and so if you have a recognisable style then it helps people remember you and who you are. Whatever your business or industry, it’s possible to use style as a way to strengthen your brand.

Have some fun

Some people are able to augment their personal brand with a catchy business title or phrase. Are you able to turn what you do into a fun and memorable title that becomes part of your personal brand? If you can, you’ll be remembered for it.

Here are some examples that might make you smile. These people say the following when asked ‘what they do’. Their responses certainly beg another question, perhaps something like, ‘what does that mean?’ – and then the conversation starts.

  • ‘I take the SH out of IT’ (he’s an IT support consultant)
  • ‘I legally expose you’ (he sells promotional merchandise)
  • ‘I keep your head above water’ (he’s a plumber)
  • ‘I record history’ (she’s a photographer)

…and my favourite because it’s really clever… ‘I’m a skeleton creator’ (he’s a structural engineer).

Want to know more about personal branding?

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What freaks you out?

Many of us freak out about the idea of standing out in business.  Is that you?  It was me once…. I’ve gotten over it… and written the book about how we do it – how we become branded in our niche.

I’d love to know what freaks you out about standing how.  Please leave a comment below.

If you are standing out in your niche, please leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing…and the benefits you’re experiencing.  I’m certain other people would love to know too.


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