Leadership is Everyone’s Business: Successful Leaders are Everywhere


Everybody is born with unique leadership abilities

Sometimes we tend to forget that everybody can enjoy the same things as us. Sometimes we ignore the fact that anything buyable is easily gettable. Indeed, everybody can have access to the same enjoyable treats of life. Although this is true, we still try so hard to be different through the things that we can buy and own. Whether it is the authentic piece, or the counterfeit one, we all want to have a piece of this prestigious cake. We constantly try to possess more and more to impress more. We love playing this seductive game using our most beautiful material assets. The temptation to exist through things we own unfortunately starts very early.

What starts very early as well is our leadership abilities that we often omit to seriously recognize. To tell the truth, all human beings have unique leadership abilities. In fact, we can all go back to our childhood and acknowledge that at birth we naturally used leadership skills to communicate our needs and lead our caregivers. This is true, babies perfectly lead their parents using their natural skills. Everyone is born with leadership abilities that are developed though life. Everybody has unique leadership abilities that are part of their uniqueness. Every personality can reveal a hidden leader that just needs to be released to become effective in their sphere of influence.

Leadership is about doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. All of us have unveiled these influential leadership abilities in various situations at home, work, school and within our community. We all have the potential to be inspirational leaders. Indeed, an authentic leader will have a true power with people as opposed to power over people. As a matter of fact, leadership is not about occupying a fancy corner office or having a glamorous title. Leadership is about the successful relationship we have with people in order to reach success.

Everyone can be a leader and we should encourage everybody to become one. Leadership is everybody’s business. Let’s forget the outdated thinking about leaders and followers and the biased cult of positional leadership. Each human being is unique and has something valuable to offer to the organizations, communities, etc… Everybody has a unique contribution that should be embraced by the organizations and not rejected. Organizations should facilitate the empowerment of leadership abilities, which means much more than just learning some random leadership skills or accepting a new position with a “leader” title.

Leadership development is natural and cannot be imposed, or forced into someone. By involving everybody in doing something meaningful for them and the organization, we are in fact fostering individual resources in order to achieve greatness. We should embrace the idea that everyone can be a leader and that there is not only one person in charge, but all of them. More importantly, we should accept all human beings as equals to lead and to succeed.

Everyone is a leader who can make a positive difference, because true leadership is relational and not positional. Every individual should be encouraged to lead and succeed toward a shared goal and a shared responsibility. Today, more than ever, we have a borderless and diverse workforce, and we should accept that leadership development deeply matters to everybody, not only to a few chosen individuals. Teamwork, collaboration and inclusion should be viewed by the organization as the major keys to reach success. Shared leadership allows people to work together on a common ground for a common goal. This is a beautiful way to empower people to make their contribution meaningful and effective.

Leadership is everybody’s business because we can all share the same goal and contribute to it in our own unique way.

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