Is it LOVE with your marketing?

Is it LOVE with your marketing?

‘LOVE is in the air, everywhere I look around… love is in the air, every sight and every sound….’remember the John Paul Young song? It’s an oldie but a goodie.

If you’re as ‘old’ as me you’ll dance every time you hear this song being played (totally irrelevant side note – while writing this, I played it on You Tube – so I’ve had a little boogeying going on in my office today.  :)).  I hope you enjoy it too.

Now back to the point…..firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day, and thank you so much for your support and participation in my work.  I am VERY grateful to have you as part of my community.  I truly hope that in some way my business growth and personal development work serves you.

A lifetime of love

Are you a bit like me and think that celebrating loooovvvvveeeee on one day of the year is a bit too commercial?

Go-on call me a killjoy.  I can take it.  🙂

Yes, we buy cards for each other and acknowledge the day, but we don’t go overboard – no romantic dinners and flowers for us today.  Besides, it’s the day after our daughter’s birthday – yesterday she was 15 years old – so we’ve already had a dinner out this week to celebrate Gemma’s special day.

David and I like to think we demonstrate our love for each other every day – not always in that lovey dovey, smoochy kind of way  – sorry if that’s sounding a bit icky.  🙂 But in a calm, constant, happy, respectful loving way.

For me it’s about ‘feeling’ loved and important to David at all times, rather than being ‘told’ I’m loved on a particular day.  He feels the same.

LOVE marketing

I believe it’s the same for your existing and potential customers.

They need to feel the LOVE in every encounter with you and not just when you ‘smell’ or ‘sense’ a sale coming up – that’s fake love.  They must feel that they’re important to you all the time.  You just never know when they might want what you sell or refer you.  If they’re not feeling the love, they can easily go elsewhere…..

To thrive in business, you must put the LOVE into your marketing. For me it’s about LOVE Marketing Mastery™.  Your marketing must be:

L – Lucid – It explains vivdly to your potential and existing customers who you are, what you do, why you do it, and what makes you different.  You’re different from the rest, and you demonstrate that you’re the expert and can be trusted.

O – Outstanding – It’s engaging and educating, and you stand out from the crowd.  You share stories that help your community to connect with you in a meaningful way – so they want to know more about you and hear from you, time and again. They welcome your presence in their lives. Even better, they look forward to you being in their lives.

V – Veracious – It’s truthful, real – authentic.  Always!  If it’s not, you’ll soon be found out!

E – Effective – It achieves your intended results – your funnel of potential customers is full of raving fans who over time convert into paying customers.  Plus you have systems in place to measure your ROI.

LOVE Marketing is the ANSWER

Get your LOVE Marketing Mastery™ strategies right and you’ll have the ANSWER to the biggest question in business, which is ‘How do I get more paying customers?’.

A  – Attract – you’ll attract the right type of potential customers to your business.

N – Nurture – you’ll nurture them with your marketing, enabling you to demonstrate your expertise in your niche.

S – Sell – by nurturing them, over time, you’ll start selling your products and services when they want to buy.

W – Wow – give them the wow factor – be alluring, be contagious, at all times, and they’ll want to buy more….

E – Extend – they’ll extend their relationship with you – they’ll buy more and perhaps more often – you’ll be able to up/down and cross sell to them too.

R – Retain and Refer – they’ll stay with you – they’ll be repeat customers, and if you ask, they may refer you to others too.

And in doing all that, you’ll sustainably grow your business so you can enjoy more of the life you’d like.  Now, that’s what business and life is all about, right?

Next Steps

What are your next steps?  How good is your marketing?  Is it LOVE?  You have the ANSWER.  It’s now time to take action.  Today.  Your business growth, profitability and success depend on it.

ACTION:  I’d love to hear your thoughts on my LOVE Marketing Mastery™. What do you think of it?  Please leave a comment below.

With much love


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