Inform Employees About Restructuring

Recently, I worked for a company that had a great start. The management was liked and the employees started off happy.

However, things started to change. Being a small business trying to get bigger, the management decided to restructure our company into a new style to run day to day operations. For our size, it would have worked exactly how they explained it.

I was given a project and sent off to do it within the parameters set by our new style and was doing quite well. However, about a week later, I get a call from one of the manager’s assistant to come and speak with him (the assistant himself, not the manager).

He sat me down and explained to me how I was doing everything wrong and I would have to now start to answer to one of the company’s analysts.

I explained to him that I did everything within the parameters of what I was told to do in the new corporate style we were using, but if I missed something I would check back over my work. I insisted that I could handle the project without the analyst.

He shook his head, looked away and said, “Oh, yeah, we’re not doing that anymore.” When I mentioned I could report to my immediate supervisor, he told me that would not be necessary either that she (my supervisor) did not need to know what I was working on.

I was stunned. No one had told me or the other employees about the sudden shift. I soon find out not even my supervisor knew. It has only been a week since we started the new corporate style and now we were restructuring again? We had to start all over and this sadly led to a cycle of restructuring where soon no one knew any of the procedures we were suppose to use.

I tell this story not to complain about my managers (although they got progressively worse), but to stress to company managers that when you are restructuring how day to day operations works, you need to let your employees know. I also understand that some companies need to get into a groove, but once that is done, you need to settle.

It is not fair to employees or even middle management that there is constant shifting. The employees need to know how to do their jobs and the appropriate procedures or no work will get done.