Indiegogo launches Generosity

Indiegogo is relaunching its charity crowdfunding platform as a new product replete with its own domain, and broadening the scope to include nonprofit organizations.

Now, Indiegogo is rebranding Indiegogo Life as Generosity, and the new standalone site will be going live later today. This marks a milestone in Indiegogo’s evolution, as it’s the first time it has launched a service outside its main Indiegogo domain.


Why the new domain and branding? Well, it seems having the good causes platform alongside the main Indiegogo offering created some confusion, with many users attempting to raise charity funds through the normal channel, rather than through Indiegogo Life, and attracting the usual platform fees. Moreover, the new platform is open to all nonprofits, not just individuals with personal causes.

The all-new platform launches with four nonprofit partners on board:

  • Positive Planet (to help Syrian refugees start businesses)
  • Khan Academy Lite (providing learning networks for people without Internet)
  • The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (support for blood cancer patients and research)
  • Project Scientist (inspiring girls in the area of STEM)

If you already have an active campaign on Indiegogo Life, you will be “seamlessly” moved over to later today.