Those of you, who have kindly followed my work, have already read aspects and views related to people involvement. So far, what I have shared with you has been based on my own personal experience. However, as my journey gets drawn into more extraordinary facets of human behaviour, I decided to seek advise from an expert scientist on leadership development. ‘The outcome of our meetings resulted on the inspiration for this post’

Traditionally human resources was focused on training people so they could do the best job possible at their role. Further along in time, organizational climate was started being measured and analyzed since after all people have feelings. Then, admin by values & behaviours was brought to the fore and vision and mission statements were given their proper place in the structure.

HRDThe main point I took from my expert’s advice was the fact that all the above HRD has been and simply is focused on improving people towards delivering or excelling on business results.

Every single day we get pounded, as you could witness in LI, with one and a thousand ways to discover, foment, indulge, develop, etc. ~ etc., on leadership. We witness how various ways, techniques, tools, are brought to our attention in order to fulfill the required goal.

At this point in our session, my guru brought an extraordinary point into our discussion i.e.: “what about HB as in ‘human being’ as a fundamental aspect related to your work over Soft Issues Management Excellence [SIME]”

“As we improve our intellectual skills, we have to work on our own physical aspects as well.” ~ KH

All previously stated took place in my search for further understanding of the process to generate sustainable growth as previously discussed:

On the above, we are inviting leaders to facilitate associates or team members to search their inner self in order to dig out hidden talents via ‘Inspiration’

Human Being Resource Development, [HBRD] in my humble opinion, could serve as a valid mechanism as well as bridge gaps in order to facilitate people on attaining that key necessary inspiration.


I do not claim to be an expert in human being development but I could assure you, with the kind help and assistance of my guru [Thank You], I am going to research over this fascinating subject …So could you.!


No I am not drunk …Let us, once and for all, be convinced the role of leadership is not all about making money or increased market share, which by the way is most important, but also realize there is an ample scope for devoting our time and sapience towards identifying the uniqueness of human beings.!


About the author:

Aly B. Moreno PhD, MPhil  BsC, Textile Technologist, Colour Chemist, Chemical Eng; University Lecturer, CText. ATI, CCol. ASDC, Corporate SDC. Lean business strategist with a proven record enhancing corporations and family owned businesses thus generating profit growth leverage.