How to Submit Your Podcast to Google Play Music

Podcasts are coming to Google Play Music on Android

Google today announced that it will start offering podcasts in the Google Play Music service.

The addition will “give podcasters access to millions of new listeners on Android phones and tablets,” Google Play Music product manager Elias Roman wrote in a blog post on the news.

Google already has several podcast providers on board for the new initiative: 5by5, Dan Carlin, Dave Ramsey, Earwolf, Feral Audio, Gimlet Media, HBO, Head Gum, HowStuffWorks, Loud Speakers Network, Nerdist/Legendary, Public Radio International, Radiotopia/PRX, Sideshow Network, Slate/Panoply, StarTalk Radio, This Week in Tech, and Tim Ferriss.

Of course, Google wants more podcasts. It’s now accepting uploads of podcasts from people in the U.S. It’s as simple as providing a link to an RSS feed for podcasts. Interested parties can find out more here.