How to: follow Apple’s lead and improve your retail space

How to: follow Apple’s lead and improve your retail space

The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, glittering Broadway – the New York sightseeing checklist is packed with historic monuments.

But as far as modern landmarks go, Apple’s iconic flagship store has to be up there as one of the most popular – in fact, a few years ago it was NYC’s most photographed tourist attraction.

Situated on Fifth Avenue, its glass cube design may have been luring in fans of the brand and architecture buffs for a while, but head honchos at the tech company haven’t been quite so enamoured.

Winning the right to expansion

Apple’s been looking to expand the store for over a year but progress was halted by rent disputes. Now an agreement has finally been settled with landowner, Boston Properties, and the company is looking to double the space – going from 32,000 square feet to an impressive 77,000.

Although the scale may be grander than your own, this story of rising rents and restricted retail space is familiar to many business owners.

Like Apple, you know that to continue attracting customers you have to continue providing them with the best retail experience possible.

To help you follow the worldwide brand’s lead and improve your own retail space, we’re sharing a few top tips on how to create a lasting impression by making the most of what you’ve already got. Take a look.

Less is more

After a busy spell, overstocked shelves and cramped display cabinets can quickly look messy or neglected.

To ensure they’re catching the eyes of customers for the right reasons, get rid of unsightly distractions and only display one or two of a product at a time.

Using a less is more approach makes it easier for shoppers to browse your entire range in just a few minutes, and then take a closer look at items that strike their fancy.

Don’t forget about behind-the-scenes

There’s nothing worse than leaving a customer waiting whilst you rifle around in the back, desperately trying to spot their order amongst piles of unorganised stock. It’s a scenario sure to leave everyone feeling irritable.

To keep stock moving in a timely manner, you need to get everything in order and implement a behind-the-scenes system that makes finding items easy.

But that’s easier said than done when you’re running short on room. If your storage area is getting a bit tight, look to the experts for advice on how to manage the space more effectively with a new mezz floor.

Revamp your style

If there’s one thing Apple always gets right, it’s providing style. From the minimalist, modern cube flagship store to the sleek designs of its phones, part of the brand’s success comes down to its consistently high levels of presentation.

Whether you’re going for luxury or vintage, hip or traditional, you also need to develop a strong identity.

Then make sure your shop perfectly illustrates that personality by repainting the walls, freshening up the layout and generally showing it a bit of TLC.

You may not have the budget for an Apple-eque NYC flagship store, but by following our tips you can give your current retail space a much-needed boost.