How To Create More Time In A Day

Learn how you can manage your time during the day to maximise your results in your business and your personal life too. Time is a resource we are all short on and we only get so much of it on this earth, so you need to utilize it to maximum effect each and every day. I will give you some clear tips and techniques in order to do this and take action on straight away.

So as a working professional, business owner, entrepreneur, you are always looking how to create more time in a day and be more time effective with your day to boot. The thing is we are constantly trying to cram more and more things into our working days that it’s becoming near on impossible to get everything done. On top of that we have busy home lives, families to go back to and spend time with. We are constantly wining about how we don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done when in reality, we can all be a little more effective with our time management and squeeze so much more time out of our days. So, what I would like to do is give you some key techniques of which you can utilize to get more from your days and be on time with projects you’ve started and meetings you’ve set, because there’s nothing that gets me more twitchy than being late!

Create a schedule and stick to it

This may seem quite obvious for some people, but if you have ever tried to “wing” your days you will know what I am getting at when I say it’s a disaster waiting to happen. If your days are always different in the sense that you just do things when you think they need doing, you are never going to be as effective as you possibly can be. Managing the time during your day much like someone who works a 9-5 shift can be very beneficial as you know the time limit of your working hours, allowing you to focus much harder on tasks that need to be completed during this time. You are then able to fit other tasks that may need to be done around these hours and still make time for the important people in your life. If you say you are starting work at 06:30, you better damn well make sure it’s 06:30 you are ready to work at, you wouldn’t be late for a day job would you? Or your boss will be on your case, it’s no different with running a business, you just have to have the discipline to be that boss.

Take a scheduled break

This is something I have been guilty of on more than 10 occasions, that’s putting it relatively nicely, and as much other business owners will tell you, when you are truly passionate about something, you actually forget to take a break, eat and sometimes even sleep! It really can get that bad and it’s not good, when you are tired, productivity goes down and fatigue can set in, this is when you start to question yourself and really think, “is what I am trying to do worth the effort im giving”. Give yourself time to relax and recharge, mentally and physically, that way you won’t feel as guilty about it either!

Talk to the important people in your life

This one is critically important because it is a matter of your emotional wellbeing and the health of your personal relationships. Speak to your family and close friends and explain before you begin any long term endeavour, explain that it is going to take a large portion of your time and it will be difficult for you to see them as often. If you can help them understand, if they truly value you being in their lives, I can promise you that they will understand, especially if they realise you are doing it for them as well (your family). Don’t alienate your friends and family however, much sure you manage your time to include downtime with these people, even if it means actually including it in your schedule, believe me this is what I have struggled with more than anything, it takes a strong mind to focus on work and nothing else, but it takes a stronger mind to make time for the people you love.

Set Short time goals with time limits

Your time is not limitless, you absolutely must limit your time on certain activities and the time it takes to reach specific business goals and personal goals too. If you set time limits for things that need to be done, you won’t kid yourself that you are working, you will do what needs to be done, if you don’t complete something, you call it a day and finish it off at a later date.

Do you have ideas on how to create more time in a day? Comment with your own ideas, there are always more techniques and ways of managing your time effectively, so why not share them?