How to connect with your Mobile Market and sell more stuff

How to connect with your Mobile Market and sell more stuff

Which one of the pictures, above, does your website resemble? If it’s the first or second, you could be losing a ton of money to your competitors. If yours looks like the third one, congratulations…you’re probably optimized for the mobile market. And that market is growing by huge numbers every year. So…if your site looks like the first or second, let’s change that right away.

The first thing to figure out is who your audience is. What are they looking for? And how can you help them get it? Once you do that, you can start adding content (pictures, videos, audio, articles) about what you offer. Make sure to optimize your content for the keywords and phrases your mobile market is using to find you. That’s key (pun intended) to being found in the first place. But once they find you, make sure what they see is super easy to figure out fast.

The mobile market has a short attention span.

Since you only have a few seconds to make your first mobile impression, make it push-button simple for anyone to see you, call you, and find you. And don’t be afraid to sell something…that is, if you’re in business to make money anyway. Just imagine someone is out and about, browsing on their mobile device, and they need what you have. Then imagine they end up on your website and they see the blank white page like in the first picture. Yikes! They’ll tap away so fast your head will spin…but not your cash register. The same is true for a site that looks like the second picture. But if your site is mobile ready, like the third picture, the viewer will know right away what you’d like them to do.

So build your website for the fast-moving mobile market.

You might have heard of a little search engine named “Google”? Well, they’ve come right out and said they’ll favor websites with a mobile focus. Think “mobile first” and start reaping the rewards much sooner than you might expect. And if you’d like some help getting there…remember Promo Lingo.