How Soft Skills Help Executives Deliver Better Customer Services?

How Soft Skills Help Executives Deliver Better Customer Services

The changing dynamics of customer care industry has brought customer service to the focus of organisations doing business across different industry domains. It was a thing of yesteryears that business offerings were the sole factor that would govern and decide the performance and success of an organisation. Today, the quality of after-sales customer services by a business and interactions that its customer care executives have with customers can make or mar the image of the business.  That is one of the reasons why more and more organisations across the globe have started outsourcing there customer care function to call centres in India.

In the recent years, after-sales customer service has emerged out as a key differentiator that help distinguish a customer-oriented organisation from an organisation offering average customer services. This is the reason why an increasing number or organisations have started implementing customer services as a chief element in their different business strategies. Considering the importance of customer services, they have not only started to outsource the function to reliable call centres in India and other developing nations, but have started paying special attention that these call centres nurture the soft skills of their customer care executives to ensure that every interaction that they have with customers leaves customers, both existing customers and prospects, with an enriching experience.

In simple language, soft skill can be defined as the characteristic of a person that enables him to have effortless, efficient and harmonious interaction with other person. This attribute of a person is directly associated with emotional intelligence that help a person connect with emotions of others and share a rapport with them. When it comes to customer service, soft skill becomes a chief attribute that help call centre executives connect with customers and help an organisation to acquire and retain more customers/business.

As an increasing number of companies are relying on call centre service providers in India and other developing nations to deliver customer services as per the need and expectation of their customers, it becomes call centres’ responsibility to make sure that the customer care agents that they employ have set of specific soft skills that empower them to develop rapport with customers, both existing and prospect, gain their trust and offer impeccable services. Such customer services offered by call centres in India and other nations enable organisations across the world to build a strong brand image and help them acquire loyal customers.

Though call centres employ experienced professionals who have hands-on experience of delivering impeccable service, not all call centre agents have the required skill set that is necessary for creating a rapport with customers. Thus, call centres conduct regular training sessions to nurture the soft skills of their customer care executives. These training sessions are comprehensive and cover every attributes that a customer care agent must possess in order to deliver excelling customer care services.

Some of these attributes are:


Empathising with customers who are facing some issues with products and services, and providing them with a viable solution always work in the favor of customer care executives. Those executives who are able to empathise with customers in the right manner can leverage the situation and get their voice heard, without infuriating customers.


Not all executives are able to make rapport and gain customers trust, but those who do are the one who help business deliver best-in class customer care services. Sharing a bond with customers empowers an executive to make customers comfortable and valued.

Ready to help

Customers contact a call centre when they need help. Only those customer care executive can deliver best services who are proactive and willing to help customers. A sincere effort on the executive’s part to assist customers and provide them with viable solution helps business make customers happy.

These are the top three attributes that customer care executives of call centres in India focus upon to deliver outstanding services.