How Happy is Your Organisation?

Some people suffer a miserable existence inside their organisation for far too long. Many complain but do nothing; while most high performers will endeavour to change things but won’t suffer fools for too long and move on to a happier place.

Good people have a choice between the best and worst companies to work for. So how can leaders create the company of the future to avoid losing top talent and being left with a mediocre workforce that will deliver mediocre outcomes?

Pleasure, Engagement, and Meaning are words that are vital to the happiness of people in an organisation, and for leaders to strengthen their cultural fortress. With these three simple words in mind, leaders should ask some important questions about their organisations, and set about creating a place where “top” talent want to work.


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Rob Llewellyn is a trusted advisor to the C-suite and one of the few certified and independent Global Business Transformation Masters in the world. Having provided professional services to some of the world's largest companies across Europe, Australia and the Middle East since the 1990s, Rob helps executives take an holistic and integrated approach to transformation using the Digital Capability Framework, BTM², and other management tools that lead organisations to achieving value-driven competitive advantages. Contact Rob via LinkedIn or or Twitter@robertllewellyn