Home Office Essentials

Home Office Essentials

Anyone who works from home knows that the environment can significantly impact productivity. It’s true that some people say they don’t mind clutter in their home office, but generally speaking, a mess can be equally distracting as noise or poor lighting. Research studies conducted at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute have shown that clutter has a negative effect on your ability to focus and process information. That’s why a tidy, organized, and pleasant work environment can stimulate your creativity and boost your productivity. A home office doesn’t have to be a sterile, bland place, and it’s desirable to add a personal touch by decorating it with some fancy gadgets.


Aristotle’s Number Puzzle

Sometimes, our brains simply freeze and we can’t get even the easiest work done. This situation calls for a brain teaser, so this engaging old-fashioned puzzle is just the thing you need. Your task is to arrange numbered tiles so that each row has the same total. Apart from being intellectually stimulating, Aristotle’s Number Puzzle is made from wood with vintage finishing touches. This antique-looking gadget will add some balance to your home office packed with the latest technology.


Laser Projection Keyboard

If you spend a lot of time typing on your keyboard, you must be tired from cleaning and sanitizing it. Some of those shocking stats on the internet say that your keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than your toilet. Ewww, that’s way too disgusting to even be processed. If you’ve just thrown away your elegant and seemingly clean keyboard, here’s something that you’re going to love. Laser Projection Keyboard is a high-tech gizmo that will turn your desk into the bridge of the starship Enterprise from Star Trek. It’s super geeky, and you don’t have to clean it. How cool is that? 


Colorful Post-it Notes

Post-it notes are a must-have for any home office. It wouldn’t be possible to remember everything you have to do unless it’s written down and stuck on your monitor, message board, lamp, wall, or any other convenient place.  Customized Sticky Notes can freshen up your office and make it lively. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and you can even select the thickness of the paper. It’s possible to personalize them by having your image or logo printed out on them.


Global Warming Mug

This great mug has a map of the world painted on it, and once you pour any hot beverage in it, the Polar ice caps start melting and the oceans rise. That’s not all, as in a few minutes you can see what will happen to Florida, Central America, and almost any coastline in the world, if the human race continues to destroy nature. So, you can contemplate the effects of global warming while you’re sipping your tea. Maybe this vision will prompt you to be more careful about the environment and at least use an ozone-friendly deodorant.


Recycled Mac Clocks

Since we’re discussing environmentally conscious behavior, here’s another idea for those of you who think about Mother Nature. A recycled Mac Clock is made almost completely from Mac parts, and it’s a great wall decoration. Its retro look perfectly fits any office, and any die-hard Apple fan should get this to keep track of time while working on something boring.


Galileo Globe Thermometer

This elaborate thermometer will make any science geek happy. It’s based on Galileo’s discovery that liquids tend to change their density as the temperature increases or decreases. So, little, colorful bulbs within the transparent globe rise or sink as it gets warmer or colder. The temperature can be displayed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. This gadget is equally useful and visually appealing, so it can make an amazing centerpiece on your desk.


Dust Cloud Screen Cleaning Set

This cute cleaning set consists of three cleaning stickers, one double-sided cleaning cloth, and a tiny misting bottle. As for the cleaning solution, water is your best option. You can clean your phone, monitor, even the above-mentioned filthy, germ-infested keyboard with it. The fact that cell phones are warm and that people are basically glued to them 24/7, means that they’re thriving communities of bacteria, which is why this set is indispensable.


You spend at least 8 hours a day in your home office, and usually a lot more than that, so it’s essential to make it a comfy and, at the same time, stimulating work environment.

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