Google Domains adds 90 new top-level domains

Google Domains, a web service for purchasing and setting up website domain names, is getting some nifty additions. Now, Google announced today, the service will let people buy domain names ending in things like .energy or .cool or .tires or .voyage or .haus or … nearly 90 other new options.

For $5 per user per month, people will be able to get email addresses featuring their domain names with Google Domains, along with Google Apps for Work like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, wrote Google chief information officer and vice president Ben Fried in a blog post. Google is also making it easy to change the point person for a given domain name with the service.

Google Domains became available to everyone in the U.S. less than a year ago and is still in beta.

The Google Apps for Work integration gives Google a way to onboard more people to its already popular web services. Gmail as a standalone email service had more than 900 users as of May. But Google Apps generates much less revenue for Google than advertising does, so it’s still a type of diversifying component for the tech giant. Google Domains diversifies Google even further.

While the service might not be core to Google — or Alphabet, rather — the launch made a big impression in the domain names business. The day the service was announced, in June 2014, competitor saw its stock price slide 20 percent.

See the full list of new top-level domains (TLDs) here.