Getting to the Finish Line – the 5 Keys

2016 is just around the corner…. Yet, if you’re like me, there’s still loads you want to get done, to get achieved before the end of 2015.

At this time of year, it’s really easy to get distracted and to drop the ball and say, ‘Oh, there’s only two weeks to go.  I’ve missed achieving my goal – better luck next year’.  I know as I’ve done that in the past, and then regretted that decision and lack of action.

This year I’m remaining totally focused on getting over the line with some goals I set that I’m yet to achieve.  After all, there’s still two weeks to go.  Plenty of time to nail my goals!

It’s all about perspective. 🙂  Only two weeks to go or still two weeks to go? 

I study the world’s big achievers, people who do the most amazing things with their lives, people who live at full throttle.  Many are names we all know, yet there are others who live under the radar and just get on with their lives, achieving greatly and living their dream.

Do they give up before the finish line?  Heck, no!  They’re blasting it right up to the end. 

Here are the five keys to what they do.  I’m taking a leaf from their books and living in full throttle until 23 December, and then it’s family and holiday time.  Oh, and don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be ‘all work and no play’ either.  I’m going to loads of Christmas celebrations along the way too.  Balance is key to our vitality in life.

Key 1:  100 percent accountability

Life is full of tough bits, but big achievers find ways to get around them or over them.  They’re 100 percent accountable and responsible for everything in their lives.  So even when the going gets tough and they are up against it, they remain accountable for their actions and for the achievement of their goals!

Key 2:  Steadfast focus

As Shakespeare said:  “Nothing comes from doing nothing”.  One of the fundamental traits of big achievers is their ability to deploy laser like focus on achieving their goals, no matter the distractions or challenges. For as long as the goals remain relevant to them, successful people remain focused.

Key 3: Planning and prioritisation

The key is prioritising, planning, scheduling and persistent action.  In order to achieve a goal, it needs to be prioritised as important.  Other things that are not so important can be put to one side for a bit – until next year, perhaps.  Act on the ‘must do’ activities now.  The rest can wait.

Key 4:  Focus on your strengths

We shouldn’t try and do everything.  We must play to our strengths and let others play to theirs.  Big achievers know and do that.  What are your strengths?  If you focus on the work that uses those strengths, delegating all else, you’ll be a lot more energised in the work you do.

Key 5:  People are paramount

Big achievers are inclusive of others.  They draw people to them and involve them.  They also empower others to work with them, to help out in getting the job done.  They delegate work to others – particularly the parts that don’t play to the strengths of the big achiever.

So that’s it.  The 5 keys to getting ‘stuff’ done and achieved before year end.  I hope you’ll take up the challenge to nail those final goals this side of Christmas. Your personal satisfaction will be immense and you’ll be cracking the champagne (or beer, or in my case, sparkling water) in celebration.

But if things don’t quite go to plan and those goals are missed, here are two other keys that big achievers live by.

Key 6:  No such thing as failure

In all that we do, we risk failure, which is very often painful.  But failure is a fact of life for anyone who is dynamic, and failures are fast tracks to growth.  Big achievers don’t view them as failures. They see them as opportunities for learning.   How about ‘failing forward’ as I call it?

Key 7:  Everything happens for a reason

As much as this is hard to take, we are where we are in life right now, for a reason.  There are lessons and learnings to take from our current experience and situation.  When we learn the lessons we move forward, often in new and unexpected ways.  Big achievers understand that, and look for the lessons in all dimensions, so they can move forward, fast.

ACTION:  I’d love to know what you’re doing to hit those outstanding goals by the end of the year.  How about sharing them and inspiring others in the comments below?