How to get more organised in 2017

How to get more organised in 2017

Permanently chasing deadlines, losing paperwork in a growing mound of old reports, sporadic email replies and a tendency to forget phoning people back – you’re renowned with colleagues for being the most disorganised person they know.

You might get everything done, but timing certainly isn’t your strong point.

The sad thing is, you’re the only real victim of your chaotic approach to work, regularly being plagued by last-minute fear and falling victim to midnight ‘what have I forgotten to do?’ worries.

After all, it’s a stress that can be easily avoided by practising stricter self-control.

To help you enjoy a more productive and relaxed 2017, we’re sharing some top tips for getting your act together. Take a look.

#1: make over your office

A messy desk and dingy office is an instant mood killer and one of the biggest enemies to productivity. If you want to feel more organised then you need a working space that reflects a structured, calm mindset.

Go for a DIY makeover and you won’t have to spend a small fortune to transform your office into a tranquil, zen-like zone.

With quality materials, like a slate-effect veneer and contact adhesive, you can give the star of the show – your desk – an instant facelift. Then create a peaceful atmosphere by freshening up the walls with a pale blue or grey and exchanging harsh overhead lighting for softer table lamps.

#2: invest in the latest tech

Decluttering is an essential part of your workplace transformation, and those teetering piles of paperwork have to be the first to go. Put a proper filing system in place and, where possible, swap to entirely paperless ways of working.

But investing in new paper-saving tech isn’t just good for creating a little extra breathing space in your office. Lots of the admin software solutions that replace clumsy files and documents are also brilliant time-savers.

Whether it’s HR systems that deal with scheduling or online chat programs that let you stay in touch with clients and colleagues, you’ll find plenty of options aimed at helping you manage your workload more efficiently.

#3: practise the art of effective planning

Planning is the ultimate trick for time management success, but promising to work on your preparation skills is much easier said than done. For a truly organised year you’re going to have to make a concentrated effort to improve.

Yearly forecast and goals are obviously important for business. Just don’t let major deadlines and the bigger picture overwhelm you. Split every task into smaller chunks that aren’t so daunting to approach.

Write down a general weekly and monthly plan that’ll keep you on track, and then take five minutes each morning or evening to create a daily to-do list. Check it off as you go and the satisfaction of seeing jobs being completed will soon become your biggest motivation.

With the new year giving you the chance to make a fresh start, bear our three tips in mind and you’ll able to enjoy a more productive and organised 2017 free of last-minute stress.